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Deeper than a wound


Deeper than a wound

by Chara leah jones 1 min.

I'm Lucy, my life is such a bore. Every boy in school likes me but I don't like any of them. I am bullied a lot by most of the girls because of this and it really hurts my feelings when they say I might as well go curl up in a gutter or you are not even welcome at your own house you slut!

All of this started when I told my "best friend" about what happened between me and my cousin.

When I was seven he stuffed me into a closet and raped me. And I screamed my head off so that mum could hear me but turns out everyone else had left and we were alone in the house I ran outside and luckily there were the neighbors I told them what happened and they phoned the police he was sentenced to time in jail but I am still afraid of him to this very day. Mum and Dad have started being very abusive to me calling me a little faggot and stuff like that but I try to ignore them. But now I have had enough I called over Jasmine and asked her to tell my parents I never loved them and I wished I had never been born. Then when I picked up a knife she screamed and told me to stop it wont help anything. I said the reason I called you here is so you could tell people what happened. Goodbye my friend then I stabbed the knife into my wrist the blade penetrating my skin my wails of agony as the blood spurted out I zoned out where was I the room was white and people were above me. I cried they saw me and said it was okay I was safe now your gonna be fine. We think...

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