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Destined Partners: The Wizard's Heart


Destined Partners: The Wizard's Heart

Chapter 1


"Ynna, here's the announcement form from the school that you want to attend." I looked at my mom's direction and she gave me the paper that she was holding.

I read the contents of paper and I smiled at it. I've been accepted in that academy. And I'm happy because I know that I will learn something from there.

"Mom, I'm going outside. I'm going to meet with my friends." I told her then I went outside of our house and went to the forest.


I'm already here in the forest and looking for someone. Where's my friend dragon? I walk towards the tree and I stop when I felt a presence of someone.

"Drago, where did you go?" I asked him when I already saw him flying on the sky. He went down to the ground and I pat him on his head then gave him a kiss on his forehead. I also gave him a dragon fruit and he ate it.

"Drago, I'll be gone for a while. I'll be attending my class on my dream academy. For me to learn how to use my white magics." I told him.

"Rawrrrrr!" He asked me. He's worried about me again. I patted his head again and hug him.

(Will you okay to be there alone?)

"Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Okay?" I said. He nodded at me and I saw him smile.

"I'll be giving you a spell later. For you able to transform from dragon into a human." I said again and gave him a dragon fruit.

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