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Down The Road


Down The Road

by Delores moran 1 Mimi Dey 1 min.

She felt no peace. But could not define why.

She just lay in bed and suffered the kind of traumas she had only ever imagined in her worst nightmares.

She felt like her brain was locked into a terror mode.

She was walking along a freezing cold highway that was deserted. And she was wearing only a thin pink summer dress and flat heel shoes with holes in the soles. She was shivering and saying to herself, "It's just not fair. Why does my dad always do this to me?"

She wasn't even sure why she was thinking that, because her dad had been dead for years. And though she had loved her dad, she barely, now, even remembered what he looked like.

She tried to think up details about something else, anything that would take her back to good times. But none came.

She groaned and looked around, hoping against hope that something good would come along. But nothing did. Not for years, because she just walked tirelessly down that seemingly endless road. "It's my road to ruin," she told her self a thousand times.

"Oh crap, I'm so demanding," she said out loud, more than once, "but then I need to be to get out of this."

Then it happened, a great shadow suddenly passed over her head. She wondered what it could be. Death, maybe? Yes, it was Death himself, finally come to claim her.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

© Mimi Dey, 2019. All rights reserved.


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Bhuvi @Ivory Blue
woah!! That was amazing
Mimi @mimidey

Thanks. Glad you liked it.