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Chapter 1

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Once, there was dragon named Draken, a dragon who has lived in a cave for a long time. His job is always kidnap or kill anything in his way.

But one day, The mighty Draken destroyed almost half of a kingdom and felt like the strongest dragon ever lived. But that is when a wizard came and cast a spell on the dragon and turned him to a human to stop him. But some of the dragon's powers stayed with Draken when he turned human.

The wizard said to him that he will stay human in a long time if he ever did anything good.

But Draken lived on, he had stood on earth and never grew old and never died. He watched people die, he watched people lived. He learns new ways and the new acts. One day, he met a beautiful woman and fell in love. Te love was strong enough, they almost lived happily ever after. But when Draken had a bad feeling he was turning into a dragon again, he had to say goodbye to his wife and three year old daughter. But the he said to his wife, they will meet again....

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I'll work on the next chapter :p


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Flara @Flare
I like this story alot!! : D