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Some nights lying there beside him were worse than others. There were nights she didn't feel sleep would ever come. The thoughts wouldn't stop, no matter how hard she tried to change them in her mind, they were always there. Sadly, and what kept her staring at the ceiling with a heart empty of everything but questions, were the answers that never came.

It's hard to know when it's finally real. It isn't one moment, one day or one thing that happens. It's more like you keep hoping, praying and trying to make it better until it just wears you down to the point where the dark cloud of reality eclipses everything else.

She missed holding the hand of someone who never wanted to let hers go. There was nothing she wanted more than to be wanted by someone who wanted her more than anything else. She missed so much, and the memories would not let her find a night where everything was somehow ok. Once you have experienced the passion of love, you will never be able to settle for anything else. You always believe it is the way things will be forever. And that is what stole her sleep, her heart and everything she believed was real in life.

More than everything else she missed the kiss.
The feeling of sharing it with someone who you feel means more to them than it does to you... and for you it means more than anything . Looking into the eyes of that person and seeing the yearning for just one more, and if one more never came, then the last one would forever be the one remembered as the best.

It were those thoughts she would hold until holding them would take everything else she knew. Tonight there would be no sleep...but like every other night, there would be dreams.

~Kevin Young~

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