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Dustin the boxing champion versus Hivan the Boxer.


Dustin the boxing champion versus Hivan the Boxer.

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Dustin and Hivan are sitting on the resting chair in opposite corners, they think about which move to use and how to get them off guard. At the sound of the bell, they both get up, Hivan makes the first move by sending a right cross to Dustin's right side cheek, but he ducks and punch's Hivan in the gut very hard, making him cough out a bit saliva, Dustin then does one harsh uppercut to Hivan's chin, sending him off his feet, even some more saliva flying out. Hivan hits the floor on his back and then gets up, Dustin smirks. Dustin charges at Hivan so fast that Hivan could not keep up with his intense speed, he then feels that his stomach was hit very harshly by Dustin's punch, making him cough out some more saliva. Dustin then steps back away from Hivan a good distance. Hivan is holding his stomach, and yet he feels pain in his stomach, almost making him vomit out some blood but he didn't vomit out any blood since he hold it in, he let go of his stomach. Dustin dash's at Hivan, Hivan sends a left jab to Dustin's nose but Dustin ducks and uppercuts Hivan's chin so hard, it sent him flying into the air with some saliva flying out. Hivan then comes back down and Dustin punch's his stomach so hard, it makes Hivan cough out some more saliva and his mouth guard, Dustin then sends a left jab to Hivan's face, Hivan gets sent flying to a normal corner, he hits the corner a bit hard. Hivan fall's on his knees, then on his stomach. Dustin is claimed the winner of the match.

Dustin: Are you alright Hivan?

Hivan: ...I..don' went a bit harsh though..but it had to be very serious..

Dustin: Well that is true, but let me heal you up with my heal pulse.

Hivan: Thanks...

Dustin: Your welcome, good match...

Hivan: Yeah, good match.

Hivan then gets fully healed, he gets up.

Hivan: I didn't land a single blow, your fast as hell

Dustin: I know.

Hivan and Dustin then chatted more, then they head to the locker room. Dustin puts his boxing gear in his locker. Hivan keeps his on and he sits against the wall near the door.

Dustin: I assume your staying here?

Hivan: Yes, probably wait for you again.

Dustin: Rematch soon?

Hivan nods

Hivan: See you later, Dustin

Dustin: Be safe Hivan, see you later.

Dustin then heads back to HQ.


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