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Echo (The UOG Series Book One)

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Echo (The UOG Series Book One)

Eliza Moraes is born in an era, thousands of years after The Lethal War, where Angels are no myths and Gods reign supreme. She belongs to a group of despodent inferior individuals- The Fallen- who are under the rigid subjugation of the UOG (Union of Gods) government. The UOG consists of an exclusive group of superior individuals who are virtually flawless - The Gods and Angels.

Every year, The UOG initiates a cycle of 'The Choosing' during which a Fallen from each and every Fallen Sector, all over the world, is chosen as a Candidate for Upgradation - an Aspirant; based on the UOG's evaluation. This is the ultimate chance for every Fallen to prove their worth and live a luxurious life of an Angel.

But that is the least of her worries when Eliza's parents die a mysterious death and she's left alone with her aunt, Mare Black. No sooner does she start with a secret investigation into her parents' death case, than she finds her self getting entagled in a mess of complex UOG politics.

The echo of growing rebellion resonates in the farthest horizon as the UOG prepares for a battle thousands of years in the making. Eliza soon finds herself in the midst of chaos and obliteration as she tries to uncover the government's deepest and darkest secrets.

Will the corrupted UOG reign forever? Are the Gods really immortal?

Welcome to a future where perfection commences annihilation.

© Jenna Sinclair, 2019. All rights reserved.

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Jenna Sinclair


This is merely the summary. Hope you'll enjoy what I have to offer you guys! :)


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Rae-Anne @RGirl
even for a summary, its really good. now i want to read it