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Empire State Of Romance


Empire State Of Romance

Chapter 1

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As I walk the last few steps to the sliding door, I think of where my life went wrong and how it ended up like this once more, and in that brief moment of mesmerizing, I snap back to reality, remembering that there is a reason why I'm doing this, why there is no other choice... but for fucks sake... do I really have to rob the place where I was fired from yesterday?!

"This is it." I tell to myself, taking a deep breath, then breaking in to the bank.

The bank was really big for just three people to be robbing the place, but its either that or I get to split the cut with more people and get more or less, 20 bucks out of this fucking thing. Won't even be enough for the fucking rent so no thanks.

"Everybody get down!" my partner Peter says, controlling the crowd of poor souls that decided to go to the bank at the worst possible time, while I was walking my way to the accounting stations or whatever you call the stations where they give you the money in criminal movies.. you know, generic movie cliché stuff.

I walk down like a supermodel, I might have stole a few stares from girls, which I don't mind and give a fuck about, since I am robbing the place, would be a bad first date if their first impression of me is a psycho who robs banks for a living. And this large duffel bag is really throwing of my cool, oh well; there'll be time for grieving later.

"Okay little missy, you know the drill, money in the bag, gun pointed on your head while you're doing it, and maybe you can throw in your number while you're at it and we can get down, how's that sound?"

I say with a huge grin on my face.

Whoever said that doing a criminal act while flirting is impossible can just go fuck with themselves every night. Well no one can blame me really, this little damsel that I'm pointing my Eagle at is really pretty... and by "eagle" I mean my "Desert Eagle", you know the gun that's silver from counterstrike.

"I said keep your head down damn it! Don't make me shoot you" Peter says, he has temper issues, his wife just left him a few months ago.

I pity Peter but he deserves it. He'd always go fucking around with bitches from the bar instead of going home to her wife, and that reason is also why Peter is robbing the place with me, kudos to her for leaving him.

"Please hurry up miss," I say in an attempt to hurry the pace up,

"we don't really have much time and soon you will too if you don't obey." I add

Everyone was busy over something; the hostages were busy not getting killed. I'm sure the security guard won't have any ideas on being the hero of the day, even if they do I'm pretty sure Sam will be more than happy to take care of them.


Out of nowhere I heard gunshots, the first person I thought who would do that? Peter, of course, who else? Who the fuck else?!

I leave the "very beautiful goddess" cashier or whatever they call themselves, and head to the gunshots.

I see Peter next to a dead guard that took three rounds to the head. Poor thing, I might fucking throw up.

"What the fuck Peter?!" I say as I'm trying to figure out what stupid reason he is trying to think of.

"He flinched." Peter said.

Oh my God... I cannot...

"Next time you flinch, I'll put a bullet in your head!" I say back, he never fails to be stupid.

"Just clean this mess up, the cops will be here any minute so get ready."

"Where do you want me to put it?" another stupid question... now I remember why I had second thoughts on bringing him.

"Fucking put it outside idiot! Let's see how that turns out." I say with sarcasm and hurried back to the damsel.

The job did not include killing someone, robbing money is bad enough, I don't want to do all the crimes in one day.

As I was walking back to my station the whole bank turns red suddenly. Alarms were going off louder than my mom, and believe me, she is tough to beat. While the commotion was going on, I persist and get back to the thingy ma-jig. Only to see the person behind the counter gone and I realized that I left the bag... and she took it with her!

"Fucking fucker fuck!" I say out of pure rage.

The girl must have been the one who made the alarm go off.

I can't think, there's no time to find the girl and the duffel bag, doing that would mean life behind bars, but I went here for the money, and I'm not going to leave this place empty handed.

"Sam! Peter! Get to the back! Head to the sewer! I'll meet you at the rendezvous point!" I shout to the two.

I head to the back of the counter, in attempts to find where the girl has hidden.

I went upstairs, apparently this bank hates people who are lazy enough to walk because of its long ass stairs. I keep climbing up, and up and up and up and up.

Until I find myself in the long hallway, and since I used to work here, I know where people hide in case some stupid robber sticks the bank up... a.k.a me, and that would be the basement... which is on the second floor... this bank is really weird now that I've thought about it.

I found the trapdoor inside one of the office stations lined up in the hallway and drop down, hoping that the girl will be there.

I fall and hurt my leg, I could've used the ladder but only pussies do that, and I can't really take my time on this. I have to get that bag before anything else.

The basement was small, to my relief, I don't have to search that much, and given the location, I find the girl immediately inside the crowd of scared workers in a corner. I walk up to her. I just noticed that she's wearing a black uniform, and a skirt I could look at everyday if I could.

It's a shame I cant work here anymore, no more staring at skirts for me I suppose.

"Give me the bag girl, before I take it from you" I point the gun at her face, she creeps up to me slowly and hands over the bag.

"Don't hurt us." the girl says to me with a fearful tone.

I walk up to her and reach for the bag, he's still looking down in fear, her hair covering up most of her face.

"Nice doing business with you, my lady" I say, pushing her to the side, I open the secret exit in the basement that leads to the sewer; It was really designed for escape. It's kind of handy to have a plan B whenever plan A doesn't work.

"My lady?" the girl says, "Oh my God... Evan?"

I look back at her, giving her somewhat of a death stare, I realized that the damsel I was flirting with for half an hour was

"Diane?" I tell to myself, it's her, it's really her.

I hear cops upstairs in the hallway, I wish I could stay and chat, but it's either that or I get to eat jail food for the rest of my life. I rush down to the sewers without hesitation, I run, for over 15 minutes I ran to where me and the other two will meet.

I kept running, and running and running.

After a moment I realized... "bank tellers!" That's what those cashiers are called.

I also realized that I should have stayed in school...


Hope you enjoyed guys,this is more of a trailer than a story. Here's the full one


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I doubt that I'm gonna have any fans but, this is actually one chapter of my story in wattpad. @mesmerizingAquarius is my current name so if you want to check out my wattpad profile, feel free to do so. I may or may not post every chapter here but the earlier chapters are available on wattpad. Enjoy


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