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Chapter 1

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14th February,2017

Have you ever thought about how this world is just not right...maybe its just me or maybe its everybody we cant yet just decide can we?

Here i stand, on the edge of this bridge just watching the beautiful sunset and enjoying the fresh and cold air...too bad this is the last time i will enjoy this.

A little while ago i would not dare to do this but i just cant continue on like this...its time that i move on, its time that i let go.

Meanwhile someplace else,

"Ohh... how do these idiots not understand how important a life is...

instead they just keep on loathing about how sad and depressing it is"


"This guy is going to realise that how important it is to live on...

maybe it is time to start"

"hitomi ...go get his body"

"but he is dead now...what are you planning on doing Amane sensei?"

"just do this once Hitomi we are going to make him realise the importance of life"

"ok Amane ...if you say so"

after 20 mins or so,

"here you go Amane ... but what are you planning on doing?"

"Hitomi... i am going to revive him... and make him live his life from 1 year back...but this time he will realise this all has already happened and will try to fix all the problems and realise the importance of his life"

" and then what?"

" i am afraid that i don't know whats going to happen so lets just keep calm and keep on observing..."

14th Feb,2016

"Wake up Kaneki!, its 20 mins past 6 will get late for school" shouted my mom

i woke up thinking its the same everyday ...but

"mom?, why are you in heaven now?" i asked in daze because the last thing i remember was that i was dead!

"what kind of a question is that Kaneki?" mom replied

Now i was fully awake and hurried towards my phone which was near my study table...

*screech *

Its 2016 right now?!?

How could this be happening ? the last thing i remember is me falling into the river face first ...and well i am pretty sure it was 2017 then... maybe it was a dream...too real though

As i was walking to school i realised people had roses and chocolates in their hands...its valentine today i guess. Well i don't like someone right now so why should i even care.

" Kaneki!"

" Oh Arima! you are late again " i replied

Arima is a friend of mine...actually he is my best friend, he is taller than most of the guys i know, not very muscular but should not be mistaken as weak, he is good looking but is kind of shy .

" like you are one to talk Kaneki...lets race to the school again today"he said with enthusiasm

"you are on " i replied while getting my stance on, but as i looked up to check on him i found out he was already running and his blonde hair was swaying in the air .

wait what am i doing dammit ! he is going to reach first and with all my might i ran..and ran and then fell face first on the ground

*good going kaneki*

but wait...i remember this happening. well must be a deja vu.

I stood up only to find out that i was bleeding from my nose so i covered my face with a handkerchief and rushed to school and eventually to the nurse office.

Well after that i returned to my class and sat in my seat which was placed adjacent to that of Arima's.

"Class we have a new transfer student this year..."and as our homeroom teacher was saying this i realised...

this has happened before... the new student is Mitsuha

"please introduce yourself" said the teacher while i still looked down thinking about what was happening

"My name is Mitsuha and its nice to meet you all " said the transfer student

And as i looked up i was in shock and really was her, the transfer student i had thought of, but i can't remember anything else...its all blurry and hazed.

Then i looked up as she came towards the empty seat adjacent to me...our eyes met for a second...i swear to god this has happened before but why can't i remember anything else...something is not right.

------X------END OF CHAPTER 1------X------

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