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It’s not that she isn’t a good cook. Food just doesn’t interest her that much.

We’ve been living together for almost three years now, and you’d think, with all the gastronomic cookbooks that line the kitchen shelves, there would be some variety over the years.

Nope! The same damn thing every day!

At first, I thought, this is the life! Coming from a family that was separated at birth, I began to think that I would never settle down.

At a young age, I joined the police force. I was given challenges, and quickly escalated up the ranks. My superiors appreciated me, but I was still lonely. I needed someone special, and if that person could cook, fabulous!

This was not to be.

Wait a minute, she’s doing something in the kitchen.

Here it comes. “SUPPER’S READY !!”


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Adam @adamgreene
Now I'm hungry...
lionel @lionelwalfish

Ha ha..Thanks for reading, Adam.