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Eternity, Infinity and Insanity

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Eternity, Infinity and Insanity

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: The New Boy

She coloured her path in madness, hoping that one day she would find someone who thought she made sense.

(Luna's P.O.V)

I was sitting on my bed painting the robin-egg-blue wall with pink, white and yellow lilies. So beautiful. I had seen the flowers in Mrs. Kelfern's garden, she had newly planted them and they looked beautiful. They would be a nice thing to look the first thing in the morning when I wake up. The wall adjacent to the one I was painting contained stars, constellations and the moon. My favourites are Orion and Andromeda. They look quite nice on the midnight blue wall.

I sighed; school won't be starting for another two months. I wonder if by then all the walls in my room would be painted. I guess I will start on the ceiling then.

"Luna! Comedown, will you?" I heard my mother call from downstairs.

"Coming!" I replied, sticking my paintbrush behind my right ear and going down the stairs.

"Dear, have you been painting again?" my mother asked once I was downstairs.

"Oh, yes." I replied eyeing the basket in her hands which was filled with flowers, nuts, chocolates and some homemade cookies.

"What is it you are painting?" she asked.



I nodded and said, "Yellow and white, too."

"You have got a blotch of pink on your right cheek." she said in a matter-of-fact voice. I shrugged and asked her about the basket.

"Oh, we have got a new neighbour across the street, thought you would like to accompany me to give the housewarming present."

"Of course." I replied, removing my hairband and letting my black curls cascade down my back.

Together we left the house and padded over to the house across the street. The name plate indicated that they were the Taylor family. When we knocked on the door, it was opened by a women, her brown hair looked frazzled and her hazel eyes were a little bloodshot.

"What can I do for you?" the women asked.

"Hello, Mrs. Taylor, welcome to the neighbourhood. We have come to give you a heartwarming present." I said pleasantly.

"Oh, Thank you, please do come in." she said, welcoming us into her house.

"Good evening. My name is Jane Grace and this is my daughter Luna." my mother introduced us. Mrs. Taylor's gaze rested on me for a while before she smiled and asked if I would like brownies.

"Thank You Mrs. Taylor, I would love some." she nodded and went to the kitchen. I took the time to look around. They were evidently still unpacking. I saw a few unpacked T-shirts from famous bands and deciphered that she had a child around my age.

"Do you have a child, Mrs. Taylor?" I asked once she came back with a tray of tea and brownies. She looked taken aback for a moment, then said, "I have a seventeen year old son Aidan and-, he is upstairs in his bedroom."

"May I take some brownies to him? I would also like to talk to him. Maybe he will become my friend. I don't have many, you know." She frowned at me for a moment as if trying to decipher if I was lying or not, then said, "You are such a sweet girl, why don't you have many friends?"

"Others think that she is strange, you see, she is a bit dreamy and does things her way, people think she is freaky, I used to feel sad for her, but she seems happy enough, so I let her be." my mother answered her. I just kept staring at Mrs. Taylor, waiting for her permission.

"Well, dear, here take these, his is the first door to right, up the stairs." I thanked her and went upstairs.

The room was bare at the moment with just a bed and a wardrobe. There were a few sealed cardboard boxes lying here and there. The door was open and a boy, Aidan, I suppose was sitting on his bed with his head in his hands. I knocked on the door frame to make him aware of my presence. He looked up and stared at me for a moment, then said, "Who are you?" How rude, but I could see that he was hurting, his eyes too were bloodshot and he looked like he was crying earlier.

"My name is Luna Grace. I live in the house across the street. My Mom is downstairs with your mother. We bought a housewarming present. Would you like some brownies, your mother sent them." I answered.

"Oh, I am Aidan, Aidan Taylor. Come in, the room is a mess but we just moved in." I smiled and entered the room, sitting on a beanbag in front of him and placed the tray on his bed after taking a brownie. While I was nibbling on it, we just stared at each other. He had sea blue eyes and brown hairs. Finally he also took a brownie and said, "You know that you have got paint on you face, right?" he said.

"Yes, pink colour. I was painting lilies on my wall." I answered with a smile.

"You paint on your walls?" he looked surprised.

"Yes, I love painting and I thought that lilies would look good on my walls." Again we started staring at each other. He looked a little surprised but that was soon buried beneath the misery I could see in his eyes and soon he averted his gaze. I slowly touched his arm and said, "What's wrong? You look quite sad." he looked at me for a minute, than at my hand on his arm, before looking at me again and saying, "My sister just recently died from blood cancer." his voice sounded dead. I removed my hand and said, "I am sorry. It must have been hard, losing someone you love." Then I was silent.

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