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Even Evil Vampires Get the Blues


Even Evil Vampires Get the Blues

Chapter 1

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"How much longer, Tristan?" Our Range Rover is comfortable, but we'd been driving a long time. Even Isolde, Tristan's lover, was feeling the effects of the drive, even if she'd slept most of the time. I don't know why Tristan allowed her to come, except that she and Tristan give the appearance of an average middle age couple, which has come in handy.

My name is Stephen, I was made a vampire about a year ago. Tristan rescued me, made me a vampire, and gave me back my life after it had almost been taken in an attack on campus after a basketball game.

Tristan, Fabi, and Claude make up the rest of our group. Tristan was made a vampire before Rome established its empire. Tristan saved Fabi and turned him, too. Fabi is a few hundred years younger than him, something he considers insignificant, but I don't. Claude was saved and turned by Tristan on Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow. My death pales in comparison to theirs.

Isolde was rescued by Tristan, too. He found her, nearly dead, in a dumpster. He hasn't turned her, he doesn't want to. Isolde mostly doesn't care, but I've heard them arguing about it. Isolde is over 40 but is fantastically beautiful. She has short auburn hair, wears glasses, and I've seen guys my age, turn and stare at her when she walks by.

Tristan must have been around her age when he was turned. Together they make a striking couple. Tristan is the classiest dresser I've ever seen, elegant, sophisticate, but understated. He likes to shop Isolde and every month or so she cleans out her closet and makes a donation to Goodwill, or some other charity. He knows exactly what she likes and when they dress up to go out she looks like a vision. You just have to see them together to know what I say when I mean that they were meant for each other, even if they are vampire and human.

We live well, so we can afford to take off and go to Virginia and New Orleans like we are. I've taken a leave from school because Tristan wanted all of us together, especially to look after Isolde. We're on our way to a small town called "Mystic Falls" to talk to some vampires who live there to see if we can find out about a family who think they are the "original vampires".

It's become kind of a joke to Fabi. I've learned that vampires date back to the Sumerians or even older, Tristan only knows about the Sumerians and Egyptians. Yeah, vampires go a long way back which is why Tristan is curious about these vampires who think they are the original vampires. As far as I can tell it shouldn't matter one way or another, but for Fabi it's a matter of pride. The arrogant little Roman wants to let them know that he's a lot older so they're not as original as they think.

Tristan is worried, though Tristan worries a lot. He must know more than he's telling us, which is why he brought along Fabi, who is a vicious killer with a Greek God face. I think he is suspicious of the head of the family. There's rumors he's heard that he's not revealing to us, or maybe Fabi knows, because Tristan tells him everything.

Anyway, we're a long ways from Seattle. When Isolde gets too tired we get a hotel, first class of course, for the night. Otherwise, we drive. I guess we're almost there and I'll be glad for the chance to go out and hunt. We're taking turns feeding so we can make good time. It's my turn now and my fangs are aching. I'd like to sink them into the first convenient neck I can find.

I wake to find Tristan turning the Rover into a long driveway. We've left Claude and Isolde in town to find a hotel room, in the meantime we're checking things out here. The house is big, but we have mansions at home even bigger that belong to the old families as well as software moguls. This house is older though, and when we walk up the stairs I feel like I'm stepping back in time, which is happening a lot to me lately. Tristan says it must be some latent ability that I've started to develop. Whatever it is, I can almost see the presence of people who've lived there before and their stories are pretty sad ones.

Fabi knocks at the door and a pretty vampire girl with long brown hair answers. She looks at us and says, yes, somewhat rudely but I don't blame her. We don't belong here and we know it.

Fabi saves the day, he takes her hand and kisses it, which amuses her. He then proceeds to introduce her to himself, Tristan and me and asks for Damon Salvatore.

The vampire has the palest face I've ever seen and pale blue eyes. His hair is as black as Fabi's, though he looks older by about ten years. The look he's giving us isn't exactly friendly, but when we tell him we're trying to find out about the originals, he grows more friendly and invites us in.

He pours whisky for all of us, which I can use. Then we all sit down and he asks us point blank, "Why do you want to find out about Klaus."

Tristan and Fabi are in charge of the talking, I'm instructed to listen. "Well, for one thing," says Tristan, "I'd like to find out why vampires half my age think they are the original vampires. I've also heard that this Klaus," I notice he says the name with some distaste, "Calls himself a hybrid. I've heard that werewolf bites are killing vampires, but that's not the case with Fabi and myself. We're natural sun walkers, and the vampires I've made can walk in the sun also. And I believe that Fabi and myself would be immune to him and his hybrids, as well as were wolf bites."

This surprises Damon, matter of fact he looks incredulous. It's obvious that he doesn't know much about his kind either. The vampire girl comes up and puts her hand on Damon's shoulder, introducing herself as Elena.

"Is this true?" she asks, "We've never heard about this.

I'm in shock. Elena is beautiful and reminds me of my murdered girlfriend, Julie. Julie was slim and beautiful with a mane of dark brown hair, just like her. Julie had the bluest I'd ever seen though, and Elena's are a deep, chocolate brown. The high cheekbones, the delicate features are the same. Not exactly alike, but close.

Another vampire walks in the door and introduces himself as "Stefan", since I am "Stephen" it's kind of funny and he's nice enough to joke about it with me. He gives Elena looks of longing, so she must have been with him before. I don't blame him, if I was the one who lost her I'd regret losing her too. I'd like to know what happened but it's none of my business. If we were friends I'd talk to him about Julie. His brother doesn't exactly look like the sympathetic type, especially since he doesn't seem to show guilt about stealing his brother's girl.

We haven't been able to get much more information than, yes, this guy Klaus does exist and he claims to be the original vampire. Damon looks rather amused at the prospect of Klaus finding out he's not, and Elena wants to go to New Orleans for the fun, but she's told "no" and does not look happy. I guess Klaus is in for a big surprise when he finds out about us, especially when he finds out that he can't hurt Fabi and Tristan. Claude and I are a different matter, but Tristan can pretty much flatten Klaus and get his blood to cure us.

Stefan and Elena look like they want to go with us. Damon doesn't seem like the head of this family, but he's really possessive of Elena and she seems reluctant to go against him. Personally, I'd like to help her but Damon seems set on keeping her in Mystic Falls with him. We have room in the Range Rover if Stefan wants to come, and I hope Tristan asks him.

Tristan is anxious to check on Isolde. To my relief he asks Stefan if he'd like to come to New Orleans with us. He'll come by tomorrow and if he wants to, he can tell us then. I don't know why we don't take Stefan with us now, but I've learned not to second guess Tristan. He always has a reason for the things he does. I can't wait until we get to New Orleans and meet this guy Klaus and his family. I want to see Tristan kick his ass, especially since he hurt E

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This is my companion "fan fiction" piece to my story "A Vampire in Seattle". It just really bothered me that Vampire Diaries had 1000 years old vampires as the oldest and original vampires--that just ain't so. The Babylonians, the Sumerians, all had Vampires and they are way older than 1000 years


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Robin @robincarrettib219
I enjoyed your read very much I love the darkness of the story and how your words blended.