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Everyone has a story

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Everyone has a story

Chapter 1

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The most beautiful art is looking into someone's eyes

-Koshi Diddi

Mr Traveller


"Remember, there is good and bad,day and night and right and left.We can't change the past because history is history but we can decide our future which is why we should know our ambition.You young fellow, what is your ambition?" asked author Arjun Singh.I looked at the man who was drinking black coffee and thinking about his answer. He had brown tanned skin, kind hazelnut eyes and long wavy hair which... "Snap out Koshi" I muttered to myself. The mysterious man answered " I am a busy office man who is drunk with the idea to quit his job and travel the world but alas! in this world it is not possible but maybe in another life." he said dreamily. "Yes it sometimes is very difficult for us to get out of our busy life but we should be grateful for it." said Arjun and pointing towards me he asked "u young lass what do u want become?" ( Why me of all people? What had I done to him?) With my heart in my throat i answered "I want to be a writer like u. I HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED to write my own story which can shape the world but unfortunately I still need to find my story. I believe everyone has a story but it takes courage to write in done so that it can be read by the world." I completed with satisfaction. I looked at the mysterious man who was staring at me. I blushed. " Indeed it takes courage to write a story and send it to the world." Arjun said and with that the session wrapped up. "Here is ur cold coffee with ice cream Koshi said Tino ( My best friend. He is a waiter in cafe Story) I looked around for the mystery man but I could not find him anywhere. " Whats up?" Tino asked " U look upset." he said. "It's nothing" I replied and took a bite of the ice cream but in the back of head a little voice was saying " Mr traveller has escaped." I smiled.

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Take a coffee of choice get comfy and read. Hope u enjoy. Don't forget to share. Credits: My latest bff Akshadha for encouraging me to write :)


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Skyfall @Skyfall
LOVE your quote at the beginning!