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Everything Happens for a Reason.


Everything Happens for a Reason.

Chapter 1

Chapter one

Everything happens for a reason right? I guess you’re just supposed to move on and live with whatever happens and get over it. That's what people say anyway. But for a teenage girl in her freshman year of high school, that's hard.

Hi, the names Artemia. I’m a 15 year old sophomore girl and have completely fucked up. I have a daughter, strip for money and live with my 19 year old boyfriend. Oh where do I begin. Well first off in after eighth grade is when things really got bad. I was this girl that was going somewhere, I had this shoulder length hair that was dirty blonde with these bright green eyes, I dressed very professional and got straight A’s. After I graduated, things changed. I got extensions and dyed my hair jet black, I became a slut and hung around the worst people. I didn’t give a shit anymore. Basically I went downhill, parents kicked me out so I went and lived with my best friend whom was 18 at the time.. Jagger was super hot and just like zomg. He was about 6’2”, had blonde hair, icy blue eyes and he was jacked. But he was also the guy who was there for you and would do anything for you.

“ hey kid”

“don’t call me kid”

“whatever, put your stuff in your room, we’re havin a party”

He was always having parties. Anyway that night at the party we drank and all that but when everyone was gone, thats when shit happened. He grabbed me and forcefully shoved me against the wall, we started making out, then he threw me on his bed and completely stripped me down to my bra and panties, if you hadn’t guessed it, we fucked, and I liked it. Yes he practically raped me but I didn’t care.

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