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Everything in Between

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Everything in Between

by Picture?width=100&height=100 Allen Cedric 2 mins.


Nervous and excited. That is what I feel at the same time as I stare at the artworks hanging on these tall walls. The maids say he did them all.


I look around his place. It's a palace--at least that's how big it is, I guess? There are so many statues, expensive furniture and designs around. Chandeliers hanging on the high ceiling. It looks breathtaking. What more can I say? He is who he is after all.

December 31..

It's his birthday. I feel so much excitement that I will finally see him. After five years of searching, wondering if he's still alive. Believing--hoping that he is still alive.. After five years.... I am finally going to see him..talk to him.. Hug him.. And maybe.. Just maybe.. Kiss him.

"Ms. Wilson?" I turned my head and look to the person who called me. He smiled, showing me his beaming beautiful white teeth. His hair is shorter than I remembered. His white coat still suits him well showing how broad and manly his shoulders are. I smiled back.

"Frank.." I hugged him..tight. Even if I hated him from hiding him from me, he's still my friend. And I know he did it for some reasons. He hugged me and patted my back.

"You've changed a lot. But in a good way." I let go and chuckled lightly.

"You! You cut your hair short!"

"Haha! I needed too. I am having trouble when I am performing a surgery."

"Ohh! In demand, Dr. Frank?" I teased.

"Oh well! Not to brag but I am!" He said proudly, puffing his chest out. We both laughed until suddenly, silence engulfed us. He sighed heavily and looked at me, "Anna.."


"Are you ready to meet him? I warned you" He asked. I nodded as I breathe deeply. The pounding beat in my heart was back again. Am I ready to meet him?

Of course you are, Anna! Five freaking years!

"Follow me." Frank said.

We're heading towards the garden. As we go nearer, I saw a guy wearing a bonnet, sitting on a bench. His back is facing me. I looked at Frank then he smiled at me--a faint smile that didn't actually made me feel better.. instead I felt heavier. He mouthed, 'Go.' I nodded.

I took my step towards him.. The guy I've been longing to see.

"Caeten.." I said. He stood up slowly and turns to me. I froze. My heart fell when I saw his face.

"Oh.. Hello." His voice is husky.. He smiled, an unsure smile. His lips cracked and almost blue. His skin is pale. Dark circles are around his eyes. Exhaustion is evident in his whole being. I want to cry. "May I know what is it that you need from me, Miss? "

He doesn't remember me..

I tried to regain my composure and I bit my lip trying to stop my tears from falling. I shook my head and turned away. I can't stop my tears. I couldn't see him like that.

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Allen Cedric


I apologize for any typographical errors. (wrong grammar or misspelled words)


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Alice @Mad Hatter
cant wait for your book!!!
John @JC
I can't wait for your next chapter..
Carlos @carlos
I love it. I think the way you describe what is happening and the characters themselves is beautifully done, and makes me want to continue reading. I didn't catch any glaring grammatical errors, just a few lines of the dialogue could sound more natural (i.e. "I am having trouble when I am performing a surgery" could be "I am no longer the surgeon I once was" for instance). Hope to read more from you!