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exhibit A first gig


exhibit A first gig

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chapter 1

mouses pov ( lucy's point of view)

i woke up at 5 am, i have zero idea why. I ran through to the kitchen and had some toast and nutella. I went and woke up midge, Lou and Bex. i shouted " today is our first gig come on hurry up".

2 hours later

we are on the bus to....

Louise's POV ( Lou )

Lou 2 just came and woke us up. That bitch. I'm so excited today is our first gig. ehhhhhhh.

I had toast and banana for breakfast. Then got dressed. I wore a pink flirry crop top and black skinnies.

now we are on the bus.

midge POV (tyla)

awake at 5;15 you can get to fuck seriously. I just had some special K, yummy. Today is our first gig, YIPEEEE. I put on a cropped jumper and pink skinnies, and my dr martins. I just curled my hair nothing special.

on the bus now

Bex's POV ( becky)

i am up at 5:30 because of mouse ugghhhh i am seriously gonna kil her. I have just had frosties for my breakfast. i am wearing a red long sleeved crop top, i think we all have crop tops on lol. Skinny blue jeans and boots. My hair is up high in a bun.

bus timeee


i forgot to say what i look like today, my hair is down and crimped slightly, my shoes are some uggs, my top is a green tye dye crop top and green skinnies.

right we are on the bus to london to go to our first gig !

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