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Fallen Elements


Fallen Elements

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 - Scarlett Frost

Scarlett was a fiery young girl, she still is; but now she has wings. Before the girl died in a tragic accident she knew what she wanted and exactly how to get it, her parents found her hard to control but they liked the girls’ personality and knew it would take her places. Scarlett Frost had ginger hair, proper carrot top ginger that fell in waves around her shoulders, her face was pale and she had a few freckles scattered across her cheeks, the girls piercing green eyes were possibly the first thing most people would have noticed. She wasn't overly extraordinary, nothing overly attractive but not ugly either.


It was a rather unpleasant autumn evening, Scarlett's parents had gone out and the 17 year old girl had been told to fend for herself, just for a couple of hours. This was nothing extraordinary for the girl, she was often left on her own, once for a whole weekend. She had taught herself to cook mediocre food that was at least semi-edible.
It was around 9pm before she had finally got round to cooking, and it was half an hour later he was sitting down on the sofa to enjoy her partially burnt garlic-chicken-kiev, baked potato and corn on the cob in front of a programme she had recorded the previous day; the latest episode of 'Doctor Who' starring Matt Smith as the Doctor.

It was around 2am before her parents got the phone call and their lives crashed. The drive home for the couple was long and quiet, tears filling Mrs Frosts eyes the whole ride and Mr Frost feeling helplessly lost: There house had caught fire, the cooker had been left on and a dangerously placed roll of kitchen paper acted as kindling. Scarlett had been reported dead in her bed.

The body was officially documented as Scarlett at approximately 5pm the following day. The funeral was three days later.


Stirring painfully a red headed girls green eyes flicked open and she bolted up suddenly, feeling vulnerable as she looked around in astounded fear, her clothes were non-existent and she felt sick.

"What? Huh? Where am I?" Her head was spinning with questions, her eyes bolting around trying to spot something that looked semi familiar. Trying to breathe in a normal pattern and working to slow her heart to a steady rate while looking desperately for something to cover herself with.

Upon looking around the scenery the girl saw green, lots and lots of green. Trees, grass and bushes surrounded her in a field of beautiful and various wild flowers, "Wow... Where am I!?" climbing to her feet the girl suddenly noticed something was very, very wrong with her that was a lot worse than her alarming lack of clothes. Turning slowly she looked behind her and let out an almighty scream.

Large wings made up of feathers coloured with various shades of red were comfortably quivering behind her. Attached to her!

"This has to be a dream. Wake up Scarlett, c'mon now. Wakey-wakey!' She spoke aloud, refusing to believe that something so ridiculous could be reality. Choking back a worried cry she moved the wings, it took little effort and the young 17 year old angel had an idea, “ok, right. Maybe it's one of those lucid dreams. It'll be fun!" She spoke in a calm voice, almost as if she were trying to convince herself. Taking a few very quick steps she spread her wings and jumped, only getting a few desperate flaps before she crashed back to the ground in a painful heap. "That worked" She groaned, sitting up slowly before climbing to her feet she tried to wipe grass off of her skin.

Deciding to stick to walking, Scarlett took a few uneasy steps across the grass which felt soft and crisp underneath her feet. Keeping her hands protectively around her body as she walked slowly.

Taken aback by the picturesque scenery, Scarlett almost didn't see the tall silver haired, silver winged angel standing next to a small cluster of baby oaks. Almost.

“Who are you?" Scarlett shouted as he caught the corner of her eye, turning away from the stranger slightly to protect her dignity and herself she refused to take her eyes of the stranger. He appeared to be dressed in a charcoal grey suit with a white shirt and baby blue tie.

"Don't worry child, I am here to help, not to harm" His voice had a soft tone, one that radiated kindness, "My name is Tarquin Battleborm, I have been sent to help you." Tarquin took a few careful steps forward and help a large blanket towards Scarlett, "Here, this will keep you warm for now"

Scarlett eyed the angel warily and very quickly snatched the blanket and wrapped it around her, trying to work out how to fix it around her wings which took a bit of effort. "Where am I, who are you? Am I dreaming? Where are my parents? What's the flowers?" The questions gushed from Scarlett's mouth, she felt as though she should trust Tarquin, although she didn't understand why.

"You are in a field, I like to use it because it is beautiful and calming. I am Tarquin, I will be your teacher among other things, I wish I could tell you otherwise but you are not dreaming, your parents are a few miles away, they've just finished burying you and the flowers just grow here, I find them very pretty."

Scarlett hesitated before speaking again, "Teacher?" She asked quietly, holding the blanket tightly around her.

Tarquin replied with a simple nod, "Yes, I'm to teach you how to fly, how to hide your wings, and a few other things that you will be taught with time. But first, if you follow me, I can give you some clothes" turning away from the red headed girl, Tarquin walked forwards, turning to check that Scarlett was following him. "It's not too far from here, there is a barn I use for my charges. I have a large trunk of clothes, I'm sure there will be something to your liking" The angel turned to smile at Scarlett.

Scarlett smiled back, a little wary, but still somewhere in her head she believed this all to be a dream.

Once the barn came into clear view Tarquin stopped, "You go on and get dressed, the clothes are in the trunks at the far wall, and they are designed to fit around wings as well. Pick whatever you want. I'll be here when you get back" The suited angel stopped and watched the girl go into the barn, waiting for her to some back out.

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