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Falling for...him?


Falling for...him?


Chpt.1- Calla's POV (point of view)

I'm staring at my roof,trying to make sense of what I've done do deserve this crazy life. I can just imagine the little changes that could lead to a different outcome. But when you're 15,not stick-thin,not rich, it's kinda hard to fit in with society.Also,when your crush is your and is MEGA popular and your biggest dream is falling in love,your confidence goes =falling,falling,falling,CRASH!= hits rock bottom. So I do what is "required" and get dressed for school. I throw on my skinny jeans from BUBBLEEIZE!, a purple and blue fitted flannels and my purple worn-out vans. Grab my backpack and head for hell.

When I get in the hallway,I already know something happened. As I slowly push my way through the crowd, I receive looks of despair thrown my was as if my mom got hit by a bus or something. As I reach the monitor in the middle of the hallway the hairs on the back of my neck slowly rise. Then I hear it "Four-teen year old Candice Personette has been lost. We plan to..." then everything went black. Just,black.

Pitch Dark


I wake to the sound of Shawn talking to the principle I think but I don't dare open my eyes. I think I blacked out and OH.MY.GOSH. The pounding in my head feels like someone bashed my head into a brick wall over and over again. I mumble Shawn's name,or attempt to. He comes over and puts his hand on my forehead "How're ya feeling?" He questions me. Shawn is one of my best friends. People say that it must be amazing to be best friends with Shawn Mendes,and it is, he is basically the light in my darkness. He is the one other person I can confide in but is now the only person because in the hallway,I discovered that my other best friend died. "I don't really know." I whisper as a tear escapes the corner of my eye. "She's gone." I state. There's no other way to put it. "How?" I ask him. He watches me and replys "Well,she cut her thighs and..."" Slit her wrists?" I finish for him. He casts his eyes downward,"yeah,that". I just let the tears fall,"Calla I'm sorry." He whispers. I just nod my head and look at him "Shawn? Can you please drive me home?" He looks at principal Greybelle for permission and receives a nod of approval.

Burning Daylight


Shawn's POV

I carry her backpack to the car with my opposite arm and cast a look at her. She's so beautiful,I wish she wanted me. I blush as the thought occurs and look at her again to catch her eyes. Oh,man! Her eyes! In the sun they're a pale green,in dimmer places they are a watering green-blue. I'm a geek for noticing but I can't help it. When I look at her, I think about kissing her soft lips and when I'm not looking at her I dream about holding her.

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I must have more.
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much clearer voion't blush at girl ce,ohem nlike boys,boys d0n't blush at girl thoughts,even nasty ones, they thrive on them, make improvements on reality,in their heads
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the narration switches between Calla and Shawn