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Falling Out of Heaven and Into Hell

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Falling Out of Heaven and Into Hell

by User avatar 1461859087 Queen Of Hell 3 mins.


You know the saying, "Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven cause you're an angel."

Let me say this.

Yes, it did hurt.

It hurt like HELL

But hey, what do I know. It's not like I fell from Heaven right?


I do know. How do you think I got here, I fell from Heaven because I wanted to do something about the ranking of the angels and about how we cannot love anyone but God. Fuck that. I had fallen in love with another angel, that's why I stood against God. But my love didn't stand with me. He rejected me. He tore me apart.

I was cast down to earth but something went wrong.

I was cast down to Hell.

My name?


Now you know my name, let's see if you can survive my story


What did I say?

Everything was normal, waking up and making sure I am proper and clean then getting ready to start my day. I am the Angel of Justice along with Raguel and some other lower angels, I'm more of the side person to make sure things are right. I ran my fingers down my plumage on my silverish white wings. The light of the sun shines through my window and hits my wings just right so that every feather glistens and shines. I sit at my vanity for a little while longer before getting up heading to my post. My golden hair shines in the sun as I step out my door and into the light around me. Heaven is a beautiful place to be in. Just imagine the purest and most brightest place you can think of and there you have it. Heaven. I spread my wings and fly into the sky around me as I make my way to the throne of God, as angels we have to check in with God to show our loyalty to him and that we won't turn against him in favor for Lucifer. God's paranoid if you ask me, we all like it here in Heaven and I don't plan on leaving any time soon. I checked in with the Almighty and went to my place at the Gates of Heaven where I saw Raguel. I wave to him as we were not allowed to speak to each other unless our job is over for the day. I turn to sit on the chair that was meant for me, it's not as grand as God's but it shows that I have a bit of power. I stare at the Gates and they slowly open to receive those who have come for judgement. As time goes on, the day ends with me judging those who are welcomed into Heaven and who are sent to Hell.


"Ah, Tyrael. How are you my friend?" Tyrael, another angel. He is one of the lower Justice Angels, and a very good friend of mine. His chocolate brown skin and his dark brown hair glisten in the light as his warm green eyes meet my silver ones.

"Very well. I hope you are the same." He gives me a smile that is as radiant as the sun. We start walking back to the throne of God.

"I am. Thank you. Say Tyrael? May I ask you a question?"

"What is it that you need to ask of me?" He looks at me confused. I don't dare to ask him, but I need to know his point of view on this matter.

"What do you think of the rankings between us angels?" He stops suddenly and looks at me with shock and confusion evident in his face.

"Why do you ask such a question?"

"Well, I don't think it is right. We should all be equal not ranked. The Archangels, the Seraphim, the Cherubim, the Thrones, the Dominions, the Virtues, the Powers, the Principalities, and just us normal Angels. It's not fair that God favors one over the other." Tyrael looks at me, surprised that I thought this way and tried to stop me but I wasn't done.


"In my mind it's not fair, just like the fact that we can love or adore anyone but God. He lets the mortal adore others and not just him. Why can't we be the same? Maybe Lucifer was up to something, but he had a point. We have so many limitations and we can't do anything about it. I wish I could do something, something that could-" I stop, angry at myself for revealing my feelings and thoughts and that I almost lost my anger out on Tyrael. I look to Tyrael expecting to see a look of disgust and revulsion on his face, but it's not there. In its place is a soft look with a tinge of sorrow. Had I said something that hurt him? I turn away with my face down as I realize that this thinking could end with us both in Hell.

"I'm sorry." Right after I say this, Tyrael grabs my chin gently and raises my head to look at him.

"For what? There is nothing to be ashamed of. We all have our thoughts and those are just your more prominent ones. Just be careful, okay? I don't want to see you hurt or thrown into Hell."

"Why do you care so much? We are not allowed to care for others."

"There is a rule for love and adoration, but not for friendship. I care about you as a friend." My face forms into a look of shock. He cares about me? He lets go of my chin and backs away.

"See you tomorrow Alumina." And with that he walks away.

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Queen Of Hell

@Queen Of Hell

I hope you like this. I made up on a spur of the moment. No hatin'. And Constructive criticism Needed. I will probably have 1-2 chapters in one little booklet thing, so keep an eye out for new chapters. I have school so it might be awhile.


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tazia @Bonnie
Continue writing. I want to see the story unfold.
Queen @Queen Of Hell

I had stuff typed out and ready to be published, but the way computers are, wiped the entire docu See more

Queen @Queen Of Hell
The first chapter is out! It is called ' What did I say?' I hope you like it!