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Fighting For Love


Fighting For Love

Chapter 1

by Cute <3 Lovecraz 1 min.

*Warning this is just the the prologue*

One look at me and people think- tall, blonde, hot, skinny, tan, model, and girlfriend material. What they don't know is that they are wrong on two counts. I am not a model anymore, I am a fighter, and i am not girlfriend material, according to all my ex-boyfriends. I kick-box and that is not attractive to guys. Strong girls are a turn off. My friends are fighters too. What most people don't know is that I am naturally strong and a natural fighter because I am a shape-shiftier. I shift into a wolf, called a Warrior, my friends Beth, Jacob, Alex, and Lexi are also Warriors, My name is Skye and I am the alpha and my beta is Beth. The pups are Jacob, Alex, and Lexi, even though they are only two years younger. We are not the only Warriors in this town. There is another pack but we have not met. The alpha, Alden, is my major crush because he is an alpha. His beta is Rick and the pups are Rose, Jax, and Ana who are also two years younger. We have almost no control over our lives, but our handlers let us think that up until this weekend. They stopped when they transferred us and the other pack into a new school, then we got our mating or dating orders and well, no control. When I found out that Alden is to be Beth's mate, we decided that we have to fix it. He will kill her in mating because she is not an alpha, anyways she fell in love with Rick, the first time we heard he was beta. I may not be able to control my life but I can fight for it. I know it will end in a fight, but who will win?

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love it keep on writing
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thank you. that means a lot. it was my first time writing.