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Chapter 1

Mariae Antoniette Clush.

If you could meet me down the streets and ask me where I live? I don't know. Every time I woke up all I can remember is that we lived in New York and I don't freaking know why I am in California with my so-called-fiancee. I just can't remember what happened yesterday and it's weird right?

"Mariae, have you eaten breakfast?" I looked at Miracle, he's my fiancee. Stefen Miracle Osana and he's 23, he told me that every time I wake up. Dude I'm still 18 and like how the freak did we meet?

"You're a pedophile. Where's my parents?" He smiled at me but it was a sad smile.

"You always ask that everyday. Okay! now you eat." He placed the plate in front of me but I pushed it away from him.

"You'll starve, bacon is your favorite right?" I shook my head and looked at him.

"I can file a case, I'm just 18 and you're already 23." He sit at the chair beside me.

"You're already 22." He pinched my nose and went to the kitchen. And as I looked at him while he was walking to the kitchen, he was wiping something on his face.

That made my heart ache. I don't even know why, weird.


After I changed my clothes I went down, but when I was just halfway of the stairs I saw Miracle crying. Is he fine? I wonder what happened.

I went near him and tapped his back, he immediately wiped his tears.

"I'll just go outside, I need to breathe fresh air." He gave me nod and that was my cue to turn my back but he suddenly pulled my hand.

"When will you be okay?" I gave him a what do you mean look but he just smiled at me and let my hands go.

As I turned my back, I can feel my heart aching that gave me the urge to cry but I can't.

end of chapter 1

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if you're not yet happy, then it's not the end. mkay bye!


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