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Game X Survival


Game X Survival

Chapter 1

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CHAPTER 1 - Welcome to the World of Games

He should be at home playing games on his computer...

That is right...

He should be.

And even if he had fallen asleep while playing, he should wake up inside his room, in front of his computer and drooling on the table.

But none of these expected scenarios is presented in his eyes right now.

Just a minute ago, he woke up in this place, a place in the middle of a forest of pine trees. Around him are 14 people and most them are still asleep and all those who had already woken up are utterly confused. Those who are awake and knew some of the people that are still asleep started waking them up.

He felt the urge to ask around about what is happening but as he looked the faces of the people around him had the same expression, he felt that he won't get any good answer if he asked.

Furthermore, he is bad at conversing and interacting with other people so no matter how strong the urge he had to ask around, it is unlikely that he will do so.

Feeling helpless, he can only stand up and look around.

320 degrees around him, there is only the same scenery, pine trees and pine trees. The only different view is in the remaining 40 degrees where a burning helicopter is seen.

The helicopter looked like the ones used by the military to transport soldiers.

Looking at this situation, most people might easily think that they have been transported by that helicopter and but the transport crashed here leading to the current events.

But he is different. He already thought about it and decided against that theory. That plot had many holes on it like how come that none of them seemed to be injured despite the devastating appearance of the burning helicopter. Another is that there is not a sign of any personnel that might have come from that helicopter. There is no one who looked like a soldier or a pilot. It's as if the helicopter was put there for the sake of ambience.

There are also no signs of anything living around him aside from the confused and unconscious people behind him.

As his curiosity suggested, he tried to approach the burning helicopter.

Looking at it, the helicopter should be around 10 meters away from him.

1 meter, 2 meters... as he walked for about 3 meters, he stopped. It's not that not that he wanted to stop but he was stopped. He reached his hand in front of him and touched something he can't see.

It seemed to be a wall, an invisible wall. Similar to those found in sci-fi movies.

He looked behind him and saw that some people tried to leave and hit the same situation as him. Touching a wall they can't even see.

Seeing this, he can only feel a little helpless. He is sure that they are all surrounded by these walls. Though he is confused and feeling a little scared. He can only go back and wait what would happen.

He moved toward a patch of soft grass and flattened the patch using it as a carpet to sit down on.

As there was no way out, he can only wait for what will happen while watching the others who are starting to get bound by what they are currently feeling and are pounding on the invisible walls and the ones with composure and concern trying to wake the others up.

Among all the other people around, his attention got focused on a girl who is around his age still sleeping and being woken up by another girl. Both of them are still wearing pajamas and it seemed that they are together before this happened.

The girl that is still asleep is wearing a pink set of pajamas filled with bear patterns. Her black straight hair that grew up to her waist is not scattered on the ground as she sleep. Looking at her small and gentle looking face peacefully sleeping, who would think that all of them right now would be in some unknown predicament?

The reason the sleeping girl got his attention is that he knew this girl. Although this girl is actually popular in the local gaming industry and many people who loves playing computer games knew her, when it is said that he knew her means that he knew her personally even though they only met once and personally saw her a few more times.

Her name is Shiela Mae and she works as a model and voice actress in a game development company. That company is own by his parents and Shiela directly work under his mother.

There's almost no reason for him to not know her as she is his mother's favorite.

On the other side, he doesn't know why but he also found the other girl who is wearing glasses familiar but he can't remember why though.

As the last of the unconscious people had finally woken up, every question is still left unanswered and the number of confused and frightened people just grew in number.

As they are trapped within walls and had no way of getting out, all of them can only wait.

When the last person to wake up had somehow collected his thoughts and calmed down, the wait finally ended in a frightening way.

A chilling laughter of a girl echoed across the place. As everyone almost jumped out in fright, the laughter was followed by the appearance of a girl about 5 or 6 years old who just appeared right out of nowhere. No one saw her coming out from the neither woods nor walking towards them and rather than walking, it must rather be said that no one saw her floating towards them.

But if they looked further, the girl is not floating but hanging from two pieces of half-meter long wood crossed together and her limbs and back is connected to the wood through thin and rusty chains and metal stakes that skewered her body. She is wearing a worn out pink one piece dress while holding a large trident shaped candle holder on her right hand with each tip having a lit up candle.

Furthermore, other than the clothes and props she had, her body also looked strange with her hair being ash colored and her pale skin which looked more like ceramic that human flesh. The pupils of her eyes are glowing red and the aura surrounding her is very stifling.

Everyone can conclude, even they want to or not, that this girl is not human. Is she a monster? Could she be an alien? Who knows?.

As everyone is confused and quite a bit scared, her sudden appearance made almost everyone jump from shock. They backed off and some even fell on their bottom.

As the girl floated towards the people while smiling in a scary way made them retreat towards the walls while does who fell down can only crawl away. Those who are more courageous just stood cautiously.

Almost everyone felt scared and retreated away from the girl as fast as they could, including Shiela and her friend. Though why almost everybody and not everyone?

It is because there is one person who never moved from his spot. Sitting on the patch of grass he flattened earlier, he just watched the whole situation as if he's not included in all what is happening.

Right at this moment he is just about two meters away from the girl but he just looked straight at her without showing fear or confusion and rather, he looked at her with curiosity.

Of course the girl noticed him and started the staring contest. But on contrary to the other's expectations, the girl did not stare with malice but return the same stare filled with curiosity.

"You're not running away?" The girl questioned him.

He shrugged his shoulders and replied. "Why should I?"

"You're not afraid?"

"Not really?"

"Don't you think that I'm here to kill everyone?"

"I don't really think so? I think it's more like you're here to explain the situation, right?"

The girl smiled and said. "Interesting..."

She followed as she looked at the others who are further away. "At least you're not like those rude people over there."

Those people further away don't know what to feel when they heard what the girl said but at least, they knew that this monster is not here to kill them. Still, even though knowing those things, they never felt at ease, rather, they felt more and more scared for some unknown reasons.

They just want to go home.

Then the girl faced everyone and said in an eerily cheerful manner.

"Then, everyone! Welcome to the world of Games and Survival!"

Surprise, confusion, fear... Those expressions appeared in the face of the majority as if they can't digest what they just have heard.

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