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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1-The Paper

Hi! I'm Jade, and today, at Rasuga High School during lunch, my friend Ziron started arguing with someone, which was weird because this was the first time that I've heard her arguing with someone.

I went over to her to see who she was arguing with and I saw that is was her boyfriend Justin. I took her away from him and went to the restroom to talk to her. I asked her, "What's wrong?" "Justin is breaking up with me," she replied over sobs. I said, "It's alright, no relationship lasts forever anyways and you can find someone better than him." I told her to wipe her face and that it would be okay.

When we got back to the lunchroom, I talked to Justin. When I asked him why he broke up with Ziron, he said: "Because I love Tessa Parker!" I guessed that he said it a little too loud because everyone around us was looking at him, including Tessa. I told him that he was a pathetic jerk and Ziron and I left.

After school, I and Ziron went to The 8th Gemension Door (Rasuga Gemension Door). That's where you get full access to the Gemension Room. I put my jade ring up to the door (you get your type of ring based on your birth month), and when the door opened I stepped through. The door closed behind me and waited for the next person to put their ring up to the door.

Once Ziron came through the door, we headed for the 1st Gemension or the Thorcy Gemension. In the Gemension Room, you can go to any other Gemension. Also, you can go to the Ruler of Gemensions, but you have to have a valid important reason to speak to him. There were hundreds of people in the gemension room going from place to place.

On our way to Thorcy, I accidentally bumped into the Gemension security guard, Mr. Riley. When I bumped into him, he dropped the papers that were in his hand. I said immediately, " Excuse me! I apologize for knocking your papers out of your hand." He replied " It's alright. It happens to us all." I helped him pick his papers up, and when I did, one caught my eye so I picked it up and quickly hid it behind my back. I told him goodbye and I and Ziron headed of to Thorcy.

Once we got to Thorcy, we headed over to our friend Crane's house. When we got to his house I showed Ziron and Crane the paper. It read:



The supervillains Spheke and Afrine have escaped

from prison and are now trying to conquer all of the gemensions.



BE AWARE: Spheke and Afrine are the 2nd and 3rd most dangerous

people in all of the gemensions. SO PLEASE, be careful if you spot them, or they may just spot you first!


I told Ziron and Crane," I know this sounds crazy, but-" "No way!" Ziron interrupted. She continued, " We are NOT going to put our lives on the line just for money. When you bumped into Mr. Riley did you hit your head?" Crane said, " For the first time in forever I'm agreeing with Ziron. I'm not letting any of us die for money." I replied, " Guys come on, just think about it. We could be famous, rich, and we could even meet the Ruler of Gemensions."

They went over to a corner and talked for a second and they came back and said firmly, "Yes! We'll do it." " I yelled, "YES!" Crane interrupted, " Ah, ah, ah, but only on one condition. YOU have to go first on everything." They held their hands out for a deal and I shook both of their hands immediately. "Well then, we have a deal," said Ziron.

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