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Glass Slipper - p r o l o g u e 1

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Glass Slipper - p r o l o g u e 1

Chapter 1

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"From the start"

"They are like flashes of light. Everyone was panicking-"

"Can you hear them?"


"Is there a static?"

"No the volume is too low."

"Okay and Is it blurry?"


"Okay. Can you find your father?"

"No, but there is a man-"

"Where is he sitting?"

"Near me."

"Can you be more specific?"

"In front?"

"Is that a question or answer?"

"A-answer, sorry. Answer."

"Can you tell me how he looks? What is he wearing?"


"Is he blurry?"

"No. He is dark."

"Is his face covered?"


"Is he black?"

"That is racist."

"Not when I say it."

"I don't think it works like that."

"FOCUS on the man"

"Well he is in a hurry."

"How can you tell?"

"He is looking to and fro. Worried."


"I-I can't see but the way is moving his hands around his face, and his posture tells me that it is related to the panic in the crowd."

"Why are they panicking?"

"Don't know."

"Think harder. Remember."

"Am trying."


*Panting* "The man-"

"Let's call him X"



"Too cliche"

"Do all teenagers lack focus?"

"So the man-"

"You changed the topic."

"Can I continue?"

"Of course."

"Man is covering the window with the curtain. I sneak a pick and a giant horror is flying outside. Above the train."

"What is the class?"

"Flying type- it has giant claws of eagle, yet it has a head of a reptile."

"Like a dragon."


"Okay, now I am avoiding any question. You will be the one speaking.".

"Uhm... the man kisses my forehead and steps in the crowd, walking past the crowd and rushing towards the front cars.

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