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God Save the No-Life Queen


God Save the No-Life Queen

Chapter 1

Order 01: The World Turned Upside-Down

Part 1 of 4

The smoke wafted into the air, becoming like airy black pillars to hold up the blue sky above.

At their base, a mighty city lay ruined.

In her streets, where peaceful traffic of human feet and automobiles` wheels once flowed in great rivers, corpses, both innocent and monstrous, and the twisted wreckage of machines both great and small lay still, as if captured in a photograph.

Even now, with the sun now shining in its full morning glory to bring a conclusion to London`s Walpurgisnacht, nothing deigned to enter this Hell on earth, to become tainted by the realm of the dead.

The dogs and cats abandoned their territory for greener pastures. The birds sought out healthy trees with strong branches, none of which could be found there. The rats journeyed to find dark places to hide where the darkness wouldn`t consume them. The flies escaped the evil place, looking for rotting meat in fresh places.

For the people of Britain who paid witness to the sight, it would be a scene to haunt them at all hours, waking and sleeping, for many days to come.

For Britain`s soldiers and policemen, tasked with isolating the vast metropolis from the outside world, they gazed upon it with an added sense of dread and fear, for theirs was the duty of keeping the monsters within from spreading their desolation everywhere.

And so they watched. And so they waited.

And something shot into the air from the city`s midst like a flare.

The men gasped, in shock and in awe of this latest sight.

It was a red ribbon of light, one that sped through the air quick as a bullet, zig-zagging through the air like a marble bouncing about in a pinball machine. It flew north, south, east and west, either flying just above the rooftop or high in the air.

They could not help but be mesmerized by the ethereal sight. They became more interested in the specter when it suddenly began shooting in a straight line.

A straight line that pointed directly at them.

The men rushed about, getting into position, grabbing their machine guns and grenade launchers and manning their Humvees and tanks. They aimed all weaponry they had skyward, determined to destroy this latest monstrosity before it slaughtered them in turn.


They paused at the sound of the young, female voice that came to their ears from the light that sped towards them. Paused long enough for the light to put forth an extra burst of speed and land in their midst. In contrast to its earlier speed, the red light, now a speeding, seething red-and-black mass, landed without making a sound or crater. It unraveled itself. Some of the men gasped at the sight now before them.

A small, busty woman, with the mass taking the shape of her left arm. She wore lots of red, from her military jacket with miniskirt to her ripped thigh-high stockings. Black boots on her feet, a white glove on her right hand. Faded blond hair tied back in a spiky bun. Pale skin akin to a corpse. Eyes like glowing rubies set in the face of a woman barely more than a girl. A face filled with panic and concern.


The men briefly panicked at the revealed jaw filled with sharp fangs, but they soon found that, in looking her over, they had somehow missed seeing another person that had arrived on the same scarlet wings.

And in her clutches, held close to her being, was another woman. Her golden locks flowed down like a river. Her business shirt and pants were soiled with ash and blood. Her right hand clutched a revolver, absolutely frozen in its grip. Her face was stern, and radiated with authority, even as she bled from a gunshot wound underneath her shoddily bandaged head where her left eye was.

One of the officers on the scene may not have recognized the vampire girl (what else could she be?) but he recognized both the woman she carried and the sigil on her right shoulder.


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randy @ParadoxTremors
Nice, interesting start. I like how you ended the chapter with more questions than answers. Well done.
winnona @morningsinger 270
a well-written beginning. I will be watching for the other parts.