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I'm in depression. Utter depression. I sit here now, like I always do. In my raged black clothes, against a plain grey wall, looking up at the cloudy sky. I have no emotions, no feelings. I'm alive but, I have no soul...non at all. Nobody I know, knows me. We don't bother making friends. There is no point. Friendship can't become strong here. It just can't. I would be happy,at school with friends right now. I would wear something better, doing something better right now. Its just not possible because...because I have no family.

My name is Beu fields. I'm 12 and I'm an orphan. For the next two years I will be in depression until I get a chance. A chance to change my fate. You see, me and my kind are considered as a utter waste of space. We have to prove that we aren't, or we get eliminated. Eliminated by death. This is because the popularity of America is too high and the only way of cutting it down is by eliminating people with no real future. Us.I better enjoy by next six years because it may be my last. I only have one chance. I don't want to waste it.

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Gisele @giselerosenwald
I am very curious to read the next chapters. Keep going!!