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Golden Lilly: A Black Lagoon Fanfiction


Golden Lilly: A Black Lagoon Fanfiction

Chapter 1

Rock was passed out on the couch. His head was back and he snored away. His tie was on the floor. His feet were over the arm of the couch with one shoe on and the other on the floor. His shirt was half untucked. One arm was over his chest while the other hung off the side with a bottle of Bacardi that was mostly empty.

The door swung open. “Hey Rock. Get up, we have a job!” It was Benny. Rock continued snoring away. “Rock!” Rock was out in a drunken slumber. “You and Revy need to chill on those drinking contests.” He shook Rock, but Rock only moaned and rolled over. “Common man, Dutch needs us down at the office. He’s getting everything ready to go. Mr. Chang has a job for us.” Rock let out half a groan that turned into a snore. Benny grabbed Rock and pulled him off the couch. Rock hit the ground and shouted as he woke up.

“Huh!? What the…?”

“Good morning sleeping beauty.” Benny gave a cheesy smile to Rock as he lie there.

“Ugh, damn my head.” Rock sat up and held his head as the hangover hit him in full force.

“I gotta grab some things. Can you wake Revy?”

“Revy… Revy!” Rock shot up and ran down the hall with the bottle of Bacardi.

Benny looked on and then turned to his own business as he said to himself, “She really brings out his competitive nature.”

Rock slammed open the door. “Revy!” She snored away in a drunken state. The room was in its normal trashed condition with guns, pizza boxes, and bottles lying around. Bullet holes were in the wall. Her clothes were beside the bed. An empty bottle of Bacardi sat amongst the clothes. “Damn, she won again…” Then the idea clicked in his head. He swapped the bottles and then leaned up to wake her up. “Revy… Get up.” She moaned and rolled away. Rock tapped her with the empty bottle. “If I have to be up you have to be up.”

She muttered out. “Fuck off Rock, I won fair and… zzzz.”

“No you didn’t. I won. See?” She snored away. “Revy, GET UP!”

“Go to hell.”

“Ugh… Benny said something about a job and Mr. Chang.”

Revy turned over and looked at Rock. She muttered sleepily, “Why the fuck does Chang make all these emergency jobs so early in the morn…” Then it hit her. “You mean I get to work with Mr. Chang?”


“Alright!” She shot out of bed like a coiled spring. Rock’s face was all annoyance. In her underwear and bra, she pushed Rock aside and went for her clothes.

“Hey,” he nervously giggled. “See your bottle? Here’s mine, so I guess I won?”

“In your dreams kid, I watched you pass out and then finished mine in here.”

“No way… uh… you don’t remember.”

“Rock, it’s been over a year, do you not remember who you’re dealing with? I don’t forget my drinking nights.” She winked, and pulled up her shorts. She grabbed the bottle, opened it up, and chugged the remainder of the rum in front of Rock’s horrified face. Once she finished, she chucked the bottle and it smashed against the wall. She fastened her belt and looked up at Rock who was still starring, looking almost queasy.

“What the fuck are you looking at? Quit gawking and help Benny before I smash that bottle over your fucking dumbass head!”

“Okay, okay, sheesh.” He showed himself out and went back to the living room. He tucked in his shirt, tied his tie, found his other shoe, and attempted to straighten up. Benny came out the same time Revy did, now complete with her black top and twin holstered Cutlass pistols.

Rock looked to Revy. “Hair of the dog?”

“LET’S GO!” And she stormed out the door.

The trio climbed inside of Benny’s red GTO. He turned over the ignition as it roared to life. Rock sat in the passenger seat and Revy sprawled out across the back. Rock lit a cigarette and chucked the lighter to Revy in the back. She caught it with a snap and looked to Rock who was holding a pack of smokes back to her. She took one and the zippo lighter flicked open.

Benny shifted into first and the car rolled down the morning streets of Roanapur. The V8 engine hummed as they drove down to Dutch and the Black Lagoon. He also took a cigarette and the three quietly enjoyed a morning smoke on the short drive to the office and dock house.

As they arrived, something caught Rock’s attention. “Revy, look.”

“Huh?” She sat up. In front of the dock house were several Chinese men in suits armed with AKs. Benny rolled the GTO to a stop and a gunman stepped forward. He looked around inside the car, then nodded and pointed for where they should park. “This must be pretty fuckin serious if Mr. Chang and the Triad are out in force like this,” Revy observed.

They walked into the dock house to find Dutch readying the PT boat. Mr. Chang was standing on the bow greeted the trio as they arrived. “And here’s the work force of Black Lagoon. Nice to see you again Rock.” He seemed very cordial, like Rock’s Japanese business counterparts from his past. Then Chang turned to Revy and smiled, “Hello Two Hands.”

Rock turned to Revy, who didn’t so much have the face of girlish delight from seeing her crush, but more of the excitement of meeting a rock star. She kept her cool as she greeted him with a, “How’s it goin’ boss man.”

Dutch looked up hearing their arrival. “Oh good, they’re awake after all. Thanks Benny-Boy.”

Benny was lifting electrical equipment into the PT Boats and down the hatch as he turned and gave a, “Sure thing Boss.”

Then Dutch turned to Mr. Chang. “May I brief my crew?”

“They’re your crew Dutch. Do as you wish. By the way, thanks for the coffee.” Mr. Chang turned and over saw the installation of RPD turrets on the PT boat while sipping a steaming foam cup.

“Okay gang. We’ve been hired by Mr. Chang. It seems he had some merchandise stolen from him in the early hours this morning by the Columbian Cartel.”

“Oh joy, our favorite,” muttered Revy.

“Yeah, as if we haven’t dealt with them enough, anyway,” Dutch seemed to straighten up like he was briefing sailors in Vietnam. “They took off in a yacht headed north. They probably are making a run for Bangkok and the airport there. We have to catch them and retrieve Mr. Chang’s merchandise before they can off load it.”

Rock raised his hand slightly and said, “What is this merchandise?”

Mr. Chang interjected from the turret. “That’s for me to worry about Rock. Your job is to just get it and bring it back. No need for your idealistic nature on this.” Rock felt dejected, but dragged his cigarette and exhaled it out with the smoke.

“This is some serious firepower you’re hooking up here boss.” Revy said approaching Mr. Chang.

“Well we would go ourselves, but our boats don’t move like the Black Lagoon. We’ll need the extra fire power for attacking a cartel yacht. If I can save a little bit of money using my own weapons and men, then all the better for me.”

“Will you be coming along?”

“Of course Two Hands, this merchandise is very valuable to me. I need to see its safe return.”

Revy was getting excited. “So will you be part of the boarding party?”

He smiled. “Yup.”

“Alright!” Her face glistened with glee. “Someone I can work with!” Dutch and Rock just stared at her after that comment. She turned around full of herself until she noticed them. “What the fuck you two looking at?” They both sighed. Rock went to work helping Dutch ready the vessel.

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