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Harcourt Prep


Harcourt Prep

Chapter 1

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I’m a student in Harcourt Prep, a prestigious all-girls college preparatory school in the heart of Manhattan.

You could recognize me in less than a second. Everybody could. My trademark feature is an orange pompadour, not hard to remember. My lipstick? Always magenta.

I’m fourteen years old, turning fifteen this July. I love Docs, rock n roll, math (most of the time), going to the movies, and Japanese food.

I have this friend, Louise. She has a more refined taste than me, actually. Not a fan of the bands I listen to. She’s more of a Swing Out Sister kind of girl.

“Lynyrd Skynyrd?!" she once said. “That’s a horrible name! It doesn’t even make any sense!”

I simply rolled my eyes. “You listen to pop, I listen to rock. You ace history, I ace algebra. You own seven cats, I own seven dogs. We’re just... polar opposites, I guess.”

“Haha, yeah, I guess you’re right.” she chuckled.

Anyways, the girls in Harcourt Prep are very high class. Only the best of the best could enter this school. We receive top-of-the-line education, delicately sewn uniforms, three fulfilling meals a day, and water straight from Lake Zurich. Yes, Switzerland.

My family’s pretty well off. They live in a house near SoHo. Dad works at Nasdaq and Mom’s a realtor. Both my brothers are in college, doing whatever they want.

I share a dorm with this prissy little suburban chick from Seoul, Kim Min-seo. Everyone says she had a nose job and a mentoplasty back in 1983.

Lucy Davenport, who lives next door, she's filthy rich. Her father practically owns one of the biggest companies in America.

Tatiana Vikhrov, Lucy's roommate, is from Saint Petersburg. She's greatly revered in her hometown for her remarkable contributions to Russian ballet. A star student, fastidious and precise. All the boys love her, all the girls wanna be her.

Nearly everyone in Harcourt has a fancy background of some sort. I don't.

We learn French, ballet, art history, synchronized swimming, golf, table manners, and the usual academic subjects. Every 3:30 pm, afternoon tea is served alongside buttered bread and finger sandwiches.

My uniform consists of a light pink flare dress, white cotton bloomers, black Docs, and a black leather jacket.

Each and every student in Harcourt is required to have her very own custom-made uniform, as a sign of individuality. For freshmen and sophomores, only knee length dresses are allowed. Juniors and seniors could wear either mini skirts or pencil skirts.

In addition, I'm proud to say that I'm an established member of the swimming team and the best batter of the baseball team. I have been able to hit four home runs in a row, and I owe it all to my idol, Joe DiMaggio. I also own a collection of baseball trading cards; two Babe Ruths are currently with Lucy; three Mickey Mantles are in the hands of Tatiana; and three Lou Gehrigs are still in Louise's dorm.

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