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Here lies Dorothy

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Here lies Dorothy

by User avatar 1456361545 Dakota Jenkins 5 mins.

We didn’t mean for it to happen, really in a way she asked for it. That sounds really cliche, but it’s true. It was Halloween, freshman year of college. The five of us had meet the beginning of the semester in orientation. We decided to go as a group for Halloween even matching costumes. I was the wicked witch, she was Dorothy, and the boys were Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion.

The night started out as amazing. I had decided that this was going to be the night I told her I liked her. I didn’t care if she didn’t feel the same. The boys meet us outside my apartment, right off campus. We went to the most amazing party. After a few drinks we all decide to head back to my place.

A small wooded area sat at the outskirts of my apartment complex. Despite my efforts no one listened when I said we shouldn’t go in. We were all kinda drunk, and five drunk college kids in the middle of the woods spelled out disaster.

“Come on Elphaba, are you scared?” we said at the beginning of the night that we would all call each other by our character name. “The wicked which doesn’t want to get her shoes dirty?” No way was I going to let her taunt me.

“I’ll get you my pretty” I laughed as I chased her into the woods Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion following close behind. “Oh Dorothy, where are you?” I called out to her.

“I’m right here!” she grabbed me from behind a tree. The unexpected gesture made me scream. “Oh calm down” she wrapped her arms around me. They felt nice.

“Never let me go.” I thought as the boys walked up.

“Is everything okay?” she dropped her arms and fixed her hair. “We heard a scream and thought one of you got hurt.”

“No, we’re fine, just a little Halloween jitters, but enough of that let’s play truth or dare” Dorothy sat on the ground holding an empty beer bottle. “I’ll spin first.” She spun the bottle as each one of us gathered around. It landed on Tinman.

“Tinman truth or dare?” we all asked in unison.

“Truth” his voice was nervous. What didn’t he want us to know? Dorothy has dirt on all of us I was sure. That’s what made her our glue.

“Is is true…. Hmmm… Is it true that you and Elphaba had a one night stand?” Shit I didn’t think she’d go that far. It was a secret or so I thought.

He looked at the ground and then at me “Yeah,” he sighed “It’s true. It happened the second week of college, before we were all friends.” I couldn’t tell if he was embarrassed or relieved to finally tell the whole group.

“Dude, Tinman got game” Lion declared. “That’s what’s up. Elphie is finnneeee.” I rolled my eyes. Gross!

Tinman spun the bottle and that’s when it all went downhill every fast. It landed on me. “Elphaba truth or dare?” I of coursed picked dare. BIG MISTAKE. “Kiss the hottest person in the group?”

“Pucker up baby” Lion leaned in toward me and I pushed him away. “Girl you playin’ I know it’s me.”

“Ummm no” was all I said. I looked at Dorothy and without thinking about what I was doing I kissed her. I thought she’d pull away, call me gross and say she wanted to go home, but none of that happened instead she kissed me back. She wrapped her fingers in my hair and pulled it. Not to hard just enough to make me want more. For a moment everything else just faded away.

“Damn girl” Lion whistled. “That’s hot.” We pretended not to hear as the kissing grew more intense. She pulled me up and pushed me against a tree. I felt her hand go up my dress. I didn’t know if it was the alcohol or if that’s how she really felt, but right then I didn’t care.

I moaned as I felt her hand slide farther up my dress. It felt amazing. She pushed her hand inside me and I didn’t resist. The boys watched mouths open as we began to make love. It was beautiful. We were just two bodies tangled together in a knot of full pleasure. I stopped for just a moment to breathe before pulling her down to the ground. I pulled off her dress and she pulled off mine. Now we were to naked women, making love, with an audience.

She whispered in my ear “what if we all made love?” as she kissed my neck.

“Like and orgy?” I stopped her. It that what I want my four best friends and myself to see each other in a way we had never seen each other before.

“Don’t think about” she instructed as she got up and walked over to Scarecrow. She grabbed him by the collar and pushed him to the ground and began taking of his pants. I followed her lead and walked over to Tinman. He was the only person I had ever made love to before now. He made me feel comfortable.

“Do you want this?” I asked him as I placed my hand on his leg.

“If you mean am I going to stop you then no” he wrapped his hands around my waist and began to kiss me. It was familiar. I compared his lips to her. His were rough, but inviting. Her lips were soft and left me wanting more.

We looked over when we heard moaning Lion and Scarecrow were both giving it to Dorothy. In a way I was jealous, but not for long as Dorothy began ordering us around. “Scarecrow and Tinman hold me legs. Lion make love to me and Elphaba I want you to kiss me.”

None of us stopped to question anything we were doing we just did it. It was the most freedom I had ever felt. Real human desire for pleasure, our raw animal instincts exposed.

Then in the middle of it we heard a beeping catching us off guard we stopped. “What was that?” I looked around for the source of the noise. It was Dorothy’s watch.

“Crap, I forgot about my medicine.” She pushed us all away from her.

“Medicine?” I was confused I didn’t know she was on anything.

“Yeah it’s for a heart condition I’ve had since I was little. I haven’t taken it in a few days.It wouldn’t be so bad if I wasnt’ supposed to take it everyday. I’m sorry everyone I really need to go.” She looked around for her dress and put it back on.

“Let me walk with you” I told her. I couldn’t find my dress so Scarecrow gave me his shirt.

“Thanks.” I grabbed her hand and we started up a small hill before coming to the parking lot outside my apartment.

“I can’t breathe.” she grabbed at her chest in shallow breathes. Panic set in as I watched her. Her skin turn ghost white as her eyes rolled back into her head. She collapsed and with a thud fell to the pavement . I let out a scream.

“Help, somebody please!” I was screaming for what felt like ages until the boys came up from in the woods.

“What happened?” Tinman pulled his phone from his pocket and dialed 911. I heard the operator ask what seemed to be the problem. I told him to hand me the phone and told the boys to go home. “Hello, yes my friend she just collapsed. I don’t know what’s wrong.” the operator asked me all of the standard questions. Had we been drinking, was in anyone around, did she hit her head. Didn’t she understand I needed help not a survey.

An ambulance finally arrived and she was whisked away. Because I wasn’t a relative I wasn’t allowed to ride with her to the hospital. I went upstairs and quickly changed clothes before grabbing my keys and driving to the hospital. Why couldn’t we just drink and go home like normal students?

I got to the hospital and I was in tears. I needed her to be okay, but deep inside I knew she wasn’t. I walked to the front desk where I was given the news. Dorothy was pronounced dead on arrival. The Doctors said her heart just stopped. It was too overwhelmed and even if she had take her medicine she probably would have had some type of cardiovascular episode.

What I just told you happened five years ago. After her funeral I stopped going to school. Tinman became my only source of human contact and even the sight of him would take me back to that night.

If I wouldn’t have kissed her. She might be alive. We would have gotten bored and we all would've went home, but for one brief moment of satisfaction I lost my best friend.

© Dakota Jenkins, 2019. All rights reserved.

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Dakota Jenkins


This is a story of one Halloween night that went horribly wrong.


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