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Him and Her

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Him and Her

Her name was Jenn Lover. She was an amazing person. She knew how to make him go crazy. She didn’t have to say anything or do anything. She didn’t even know she was doing it. She just did her own thing and she was always happy and herself when he saw her or was with her. She made him feel at home. She made him feel like he was the only one who was with her. It didn’t seem like anybody else was there but them. When they were together, it felt natural. It felt comfortable. It felt right.

His name was Poland Forrester. He was nothing like she’d ever seen or met before. He knew how to make her smile. He knew how to make her feel free. He was her spirit of adventure. She always felt at ease and not so stressed when she was with him. He didn’t make her do things or clean things constantly. He was just like she was. He didn’t like so much cleaning. He didn’t like the stress of it. Some days they kept up with the dishes, but other days they forgot and, later, did the cleaning together.

They liked to be alone. Anytime they had away from each other made them feel even closer. The more time they had away from each other, the more in love they were. They didn’t have to put things into words. They didn’t have to share their feelings. They knew already. When they said the three words, it wasn’t like on TV. It was natural.

She was an at-home writer and he worked at an office and they were both their own boss. Every day, she went to visit him at work and they had lunch together. Some days she brought her writing materials and stayed with him the whole day. Never bothering him or distracting him, sometimes even giving him ideas. Everyone respected them and their relationship. After work, they wouldn’t always go straight home. They would stop by the park and eat dinner there. Or they would go to their favorite coffee shop and stay there for hours. Nobody minded because everyone knew each other. Sometimes they would close up for the coffee shop. When they got home, they would lay in bed and watch TV until they fell asleep. And when they woke up, they would go get donuts and coffee at the coffee shop in their night clothes and talk and hang out with the employees and the manager/owner.

They loved each other with a passion. They were fascinated with each other. They didn’t have make out sessions like so many couples did. They just kissed and then moved on with their lives. They didn’t have to kiss to show their love for each other. Everything they did and said was enough for them. Because they understood each other. Everyone seemed to be at a loss for words for their relationship. Nobody understood how it all worked. And they were okay with that. Because, even though nobody understood, they could still go through life with their own understanding. The only thing that mattered was the love they had and how it never stopped, never even delayed. It kept growing.

Now don’t worry, their story continues. They eventually go on to get married and, after a few more years with just them, they had children. They first had a boy named Joshua Poland. Then a girl named Jada Paris. And then, when the kids got older, they had another girl. And her name was Jenna Lark. And the love of Poland and Jenn spread to the children. And they all grew to love each other and everyone around them. And they were happy. Because they all had the same love and understanding. And it was perfect.

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