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Hollyleaf's Journey


Hollyleaf's Journey

It's been five sunrises since I left the Clans. I mean, after what I had done, how could I have stayed? His blood on my pelt, his fur between my claws- I still feel regret trickle down my spine. But if I didn't do it, my "family's" secret would have been released into the wild, banishing us from the Clans. I couldn't put Lionblaze and Jayfeather through that. So here I am. Alone. In a pitch black tunnel, my paw steps echoing off the stone walls. How could I live down here for the rest of my life? I haven't had a full meal in days. As I pad along this tunnel, I fear of getting lost. Why am I scared?, I ask myself. This is my new home, after all. I should try to get used to this darkness. As squint, trying to see better, a screech slashes the eerie silence like a claw. I freeze. I break into a sprint as I search for shelter. I land with a thud. I stand unsteadily, realizing that I tripped over a vine. I look up. Light! There is a small hole at the top of the cave, just enough for me to observe my surroundings. I see a tiny pond at my left, and a shelter of vines to my right. What a coincidence, I think as I enter my new den. Leaves crackle under my paws. Not like my old bedding, but it'll have to do. I lay my tail on top of my paws, silently drifting into a deep sleep.

Why am I back home? I'm supposed to be in the tunnels. What is TIGERSTAR doing here? And Hawkfrost? Oh, no. This can't be happening. No. Firestar! Brambleclaw. Leafpool! MOTHER! No! Where are you? Help me!

I jerk back to conciseness, realizing that it was only a dream. Why did I dream of that? Was StarClan trying to tell me something? No, that can't possibly be. Starclan no longer cares for me. I stretch, readying myself for the first at home.

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