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Hollyleaf's Journey: An Undeniable Feeling


Hollyleaf's Journey: An Undeniable Feeling

Today marks the half-moon anniversary of my new life in the tunnels. Ever since my first visit, I have gotten to know this stone labrinth pretty well. I even devised a way to fight and hunt in them! Once I found my tangled den, I built onto it to make it warm and sturdy. Remember my tiny pool? After a couple expeditions, I have found that it's water runs from a humongous waterfall. Nice, right? Yeah, not really. Ever since I found that information, it has been overflowing some of the tunnels. Now, enough about my accomplishments.


I have started having these... dreams. Not normal dreams. Dark, petrifeing ones. The dark banished warriors of the past come to me every single night through these dreadful nightmares. Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, Brokentail, you name it. I've met them all. They all torment me in different ways. But, the one thing they all have in common is that they all bring a message of great danger:

"The Jay's Wing is broken, and the Lion's Roar is now a mere whimper, and all of the Clans will cry out in agony."

I feel that this has something to do with the Three, but I cant see how. If this WAS a message about the three, why whould those diabolical fiends share it with me? I already know that I'm not the propheciesed cat to complete the Three. Why don't they torment Lionblaze or Jayfeather? I don't know. What if this is a calling from Starclan? Don't be stupid, Hollyleaf! Starclan does not want anything to do with me! Mabye, just mabye its-

A cry of agony breaks into my thoughts. Since my eyes are now well adjusted to the darkness, I run toward the source.

"It's coming from the main cave!" I think to myself as I turn yet another corner. My eyes flick everywhere, but I cant see anything.

" Oh, Starclan, help me!" the voice yowls. I see a silver and white pelt limping in the shadows.

" Don't worry! I'm here!" I cry out as I run to reach the mysterious cat. Fear shoots back my spine as I feel the familiar stickiness of blood underpaw. The young cat is now unconscious, so I carry her back to my den, where I have many healing herbs.

" Do not fret any longer, young one," I coo into her ear, " You are going to be just fine." I lay her by the pool to wash off her injuries. Now in better lighting, I see that she has dark, mesmerizing blue eyes. White specks lightly cover her paws and tail. And she smells strongly of... ThunderClan! After I put some herbs on her, and after she wakes up, I decide to ask her a couple things. But I belive she has the same idea.

" Who.. Who are y-you?" She asks groggily, as if she had just woken up from a moons worth of sleep. " I don't recognize your scent. Do you belong to a C-Clan?"

" Oh, young one. I used to." I get up to grab a couple poppy seeds.

" Oh," I mumble, remembering,. " By the way, my name is Hollyleaf."

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