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Hybrids: The Blood Of Two


Hybrids: The Blood Of Two

Chapter 1

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In a world turned upside down, blood is everything, and it separates the living into three: The so-called pure Humans, the detested Myths and the ones caught between both – The Hybrids.

16 year old Iris Korman, however, wasn’t aware of any of that at all. To her, all that mattered were just her best friend Len Cairnfield and the jobs they would get when they joined in the society of the outside world. And while she doesn’t lead the most luxurious of lives, Iris was content with what she has now.

But what she didn't know was that the world beyond the gates was no longer the one she saw in the pictures of crinkled magazines.

She had always believed the English phrase cross the bridge when you come to it.

But then again, sometimes the bridge breaks when you least expect it to.

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Heya! It's Jaeri here~^^ This is my first time writing on this website. If you're interested with the fanfiction version ( starring BTS) you can check in out here at:


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