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3 mins.

I Dreamed of a Happily Ever After


I Dreamed of a Happily Ever After

by Beach wallpaper tumblr Sophie Flavell 3 mins.

It was Saturday morning, Violet was still asleep after a hard week at school learning many topics and revising for her final exams which were just around the corner. Finn had woke up bright and early, he was already dressed and managed to walk to the shop to buy a big bunch of flowers. The flowers came with a small card in which he wrote 'Violet, I have been meaning to ask you this question for a very long time now, but whenever I feel the time is right my mind is forcing the words out but my lips remain zipped shut, I just wanted to ask, will you do me the honours of joining me in watching a movie tomorrow at 7pm, (wear something formal)' he slipped the card between the flowers and made his way to Violet's house, he lay the flowers of the doorstep quietly making sure he didn't wake up her huge dog, Rodger who would start barking and howling until either she or her parents woke up. He positioned the card so it would be the first thing Violet noticed, he then zipped up his jacket and ran back home.

Not long after Violet woke up, her brown hair in a messy bun and her eyes bloodshot, she made her way downstairs to make breakfast. As she got to the last step she noticed Rodger trying to open the door with his nose, sniffing underneath the door at something she was to tired to try to figure out. She opened the door and looked around the neighbourhood, nobody was to be seen, she looked down at her feet as noticed the bunch of flowers with a card addressed to her in neat handwriting, she was so confused but lifted the flowers and shut the door behind her. She carried the flowers to the kitchen where she put a slice of bread in the toaster, while waiting for it to toast she sat on her kitchen bar stool and opened the card. Quickly she ran upstairs and opened up her contacts and searched for Finn, she responded back with a '7pm? sounds good to me' she heard that her toast was ready and she threw her phone on her bed as she ran down the stairs. After eating her breakfast she placed the flowers in a vase of water and arranged them perfectly, she then placed it on the kitchen counter, cleaned up the mess she made and went into the living room, to catch up on all the episodes of 'the walking dead' she had missed previously.

Before she knew it, it was 5pm. Violet knew she would have to start getting ready if she didn't want too late. She released her hair from its messy bun and straightened it, her layers fringe curling at the ends but she didn't mind. She did natural make-up which consisted of a cream colour eye shadow, thick winged eye liner and multiple coats of her favourite rocket eye mascara which made her eyelashes so long they looked fake. Within this time Finn was already ready and waiting for the time to change to 6:30 on his phone so he could begin to set out the house and get Violet. He knocked the door confidently and firm, she opened it, she was wearing a nude coloured dress matched with a nude pair of high heels and a nude clutch bag. She shut the door behind her and they began walking to their local cinema, they were talking about how long they'd known each other and that it was crazy they were going on a date, and how natural it actually felt. They were on the opposite side of the road from the cinema, Finn grabbed Violet's hand and they both crossed the road, suddenly a loud explosion of car horns emerged from the distance and was coming closer at a rapid speed, Finn looked at Violet her face confused and slightly worried, all of a sudden the car was coming closer and closer to the pair, they realised they had stopped in exactly the middle of the road, in an instant Finn let go of Violets hand and pushed her out of the way, she fell to the ground but managed to stand up soon after, her clutch bag flew underneath a car but she didn't care, she turned to look for Finn. Everything went in slow motion, the horn of the car was deafening, and crashed into Finn, his body hit the car hard enough to break the front window as his unconscious body propelled over the whole car smashing onto the ground, his suit was torn and he was laying in a pit of blood, Violet ran to his side and checked for a pulse, he was dead. She screamed with shock and sadness, the citizens who witnessed the accident rushed to the pair, someone pulled out a phone and dialled 911, and it all when black. Violet passed out next to Finn's dead body.

© Sophie Flavell, 2019. All rights reserved.

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I hope you are enjoying my Story, Let me know if you would like more, I am open for suggestions xxx


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Tara @tarabrace
shopie this is a lovely storyline, personally my fav character is Rodger the dog. I like the dramatic ending and the pit of blood. I hope you carry on this great tale of true love.