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I guess I died

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I guess I died

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Death comes to all. Be it sweet or in sorrow. A blanket of dismay that coats each and every ones lives, completely unavoidable and easily attainable. Death separates those who continue to roam the world, luckily grasping on to the extra seconds they have to live, and the realm of those where time is no longer a concept that matters. When I died, I imagined a lot of thing that could happen. Darkness. Solitude. Maybe go to heaven, or perhaps hell, its not like I did any good whilst alive. I'd sit there, clad in white robes, or ragged bags depending on gods mood, and wait. Maybe for people to join, creating a rather odd companionship boding over the frustrations of climate and lack of good food. Maybe I'd stand in line a wait for my reincarnation, pick the lucky straw and come back to life as a pampered dog sitting idly on my owners lap in a sedentary life style that would kill me before I reach a measly 5 years of age (in dog years, of course). I never, ever would have expected, of all things, this...

The place was bustling with people, or rather, I should say, beings, I couldn't quite tell what these pseudo-human like creatures were, but one thing was for sure, they were not human. Some had small protrusions, possibly horns, placed on the tops of their heads. Some had wild messy tails running down onto the pearly white floor, others had mere extensions that I shall assume are tails, waving gaily side to side. Not to mention the oddly coloured skin. This is beyond any poorly constructed racist comment, but rather the fact magentas and cyans were walking around as if it was the festival of colours, Holi! The whole place was a bright sight. The blue endless sky and the white spotless floor seems like snow next to a Mediterranean sea.

"State your name", The garish woman in front of me spoke. Her sunny yellow skin and pink skin tight dress was not exactly 'appealing' to the eye. Her ID badge read, Sprinya, odd name for an odd face. "My name is- was?", stumbling on how I should refer to myself if I am dead, she cut in tactfully as to not waste time, "Is, Alex Montae, I gather.". I nodded, deciding to keep quiet for the time being. "Follow me"

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Hi, to anyone thats reading, I hope you like this! I don't really plan on continuing I just want to write small beginnings to story ideas or prompts I have. If anyone has feedback that would be great! If It ends up being liked (probably not) I might continue it <3 thanks!


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