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I'm so sorry (Phan fic)


I'm so sorry (Phan fic)

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It was a cold winter morning, and as usual Dan waited for Phil to get up so they could get breakfast and watch anime together. As Phil poured his milk into his cereal Dan looked at him and said "I'm so happy I have you." An uncontrollable smile spread across Phil's face as he replied

"right back at you"

"seriously I didn't have a best friend for the first 18 years of my life, now I have you I'm as happy as I could possibly be."

A single tear rolled down Phil's cheek, Dan pulled him into a hug and whispered in his ear,

"thank you so much"

Phil laughed, "lets eat now, I'm starving"

after eating his cereal Dan asked, "what are you doing today?"

"I'm going into town with Chris to go Christmas shopping, what about you?"

"Probably just eating and browsing the internet, the usual"

Dan picked up his laptop , carried it into the lounge, Plugged it in, logged on, opened Google and went to the fridge, There was nothing.

"PHIL, when you go into town can you get some snacks, there are none left."

"okay I will on the way back"

"Thank you"

The door rings and Chris arrives, Phil grabs his coat, phone and money and makes his way to the door shouting,

"Bye Dan!"

"Bye Phil don't forget my food!" Dan replied

"okay I wont you greedy pig"

Then the door closes and Phil is gone, Dan didn't know that would be the last time he saw his

best friend alive.

Phil and Chris made there way out of the crowded shops and out onto the road's, Chris reminded Phil to get Dan's snacks, so they walked along the pavement to the crossing, Phil was looking in a shop window and didn't realise Chris had crossed, Chris called him and without looking he stepped out into the busy road...A car hit him at over 60mph sending him flying into the air. Chris screamed and ran out into the road, distraught the car driver called an ambulance, the only thing Chris could do was tell Dan...but that wouldn't be as easy as it sounds.

The phone rang twice and Dan answered,

" Hey Chris how's the shopping?"

"Dan Phil's been hit by a car, he's not conscious I don't think and he looks REALLY bad, I had to tell you, I'm so so sorry."

"Omg what is he ok? Omg"

Dan started crying, Chris couldn't do anything but wait.

"It was my fault, I wanted the food and if I wasn't for me he would be fine"

Chris could hear the anger and emotion in Dan's voice, he was beating himself up for this.

As the ambulance arrived Dan screamed down the phone,

"he's dead isn't he? I've killed my best friend haven't I?

"Dan I don't know. I'm sorry I have to go, it'll call you as soon as we find out which hospital he's going to."

The phone hung up. As the ambulance drove away, Chris asked the paramedic,

"is he dead?"

"No, but if he doesn't get immediate medical attention the he probably will be, I'm sorry"

Chris began to cry,

"I'm sorry" he cried over and over again, repeating it as if he could hear him

As the ambulance arrived at the hospital, as he had promised Chris called Dan and booked him a taxi. 20 minutes later he arrived.

"I killed him didn't I?" asked Dan

"no, but he's not in a good way wasn't your fault, it was just a stupid accident."

"But it we my fault, if I wasn't such a pig he wouldn't be here right now would he"
"You didn't know Dan, stop beating yourself up."


At that moment a nurse walked out of his room

"Can we see him?" Asked Chris and Dan

"Yes, just remember he's really not well."

As they entered the room Dan couldn't hold back his emotions, he cried and just sat by Phil's side and said,

"Phil I'm so sorry I love you"

Chris said to Dan,

"We better get something to eat."

"no." replied Dan

"I'll get you a drink then"

"No." Dan replied again, bluntly.

"I'll buy you a sandwich and a coffee."


"Dan you didn't mean to."

"Okay I'm just trying to help." Chris seamed tired now, unsure what to say next as anything would make Dan feel under attack and worse.

"I know you are...I, I, I just don't know what I would do without him."

As Dan began to cry, something happened, the nurses and doctors came rushing in pushing Dan and Chris out again and sending Dan into panic...Had he just lost his best friend?

25 minutes later the doctors emerged with worried looks on there faces, one came over to them and said,

"He's trying his best, but he's not doing to well. It could be a few weeks until we know the extent if his injuries and possibly a couple of month until he's stable enough to support himself, we are talking months, not days or weeks here, months, three or maybe even four moths until we can even think about going home. It will cost you a lot unfortunately, as these things aren't cheap to run."

"So what can we do?" Asked Dan hesitantly

"You can turn of the machines which are keeping him alive, or you can give him a chance, even though it will take about six months before he can be allowed to do what he would normally do around the house."

"I'm giving him a chance. I don't care how much it will cost...I'm not giving up on him."


"can we see him again?"

"yes but make sure you stay quite"

As the doctor stood up and left, Dan looked at Chris and Chris looked at Dan, Something serious had happened, and the idea of loosing Phil was very possible.

It was 2am when Dan's phone rang, it was the hospital. Phil had died during the night and even after all the money and equipment not even that could save him. Dan text Chris and told him. Then it started. Dan could hear Phil. But he was dead so how. Stupid head. I want them to stop but it Phil so no please don't stop. What is happening. This is crazy. Help me. It's 2am. I need a drink. But its 2am. I need help.

An hour past before anything changed, Dan decided to get a drink and watch some Anime...this made him think of Phil. Now he was hungry, maybe some Lucky Charms would cheer him up, Phil favourite cereal. Dan looked at the time, 6am, he was meant to be at the hospital with Chris at 7. He got dressed and headed for the door and shouted

"Bye Phil"
"For gods sake Phil's not here is he you idiot you killed him"

Chris arrived and seeing the pale, tired look on Dan's face assumed he didn't sleep much, neither did he to be honest. But Dan had it harder. He lived with him, and now would have to see him dead.

As they arrived at the hospital, any remaining colour had drained from Dan's face, making him look almost as dead as Phil. Panic rose in the pit of Dan's stomach, remembering id he didn't ask for food his best friend would still be here. Then he remembered their conversation earlier, before it happened, he told Phil he was his best friend, he made Phil cry, then he killed him.

3 hours later they came out of the hospital. Dan was inconsolable and didn't want to speak. He didn't want to return to his house as it still smelt of the candle Phil was burning seconds before he left. But all Phil's stuff was there, he could remember him. How would he tell the internet. Three million people would be crying, no more AmazingPhil, no more Dan and Phil, just Phil.

Dan returned home 3 days later, he grabbed Phil's laptop and the smashed phone he had been given from the hospital and opened his social media, posting 'I'm so sorry, R.I.P AmazingPhil'

He then opened his own twitter and posted ' I am so sorry to have to tell you all this but...R.I.P AmazingPhil. This isn't a joke please don't make this any harder for me.' Then he opened Phil's laptop, his video file and uploaded a video. the title reading R.I.P AMAZINGPHIL.

Millions of comments saying things like "R.I.P PHILLY WE LOVE YOU FORVER." and "OMG WHY I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU"

Dan told Phil's fans he would be proud of them and not want them to be sad...Dan hoped it was just a dream...but it wasn't

Thanks for reading!


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