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I saw the light


I saw the light

Hi! I'm Isabella and this here is my story on how i saw the light. it happened in 2017 and its a bumpy ride but this actually happened to me.

So this happened back in 2017, I was a freshman in high school and i wasn't very social, i had a handful of friends from middle school and some from meeting new people but i don't enjoy talking to people, freaks me out. enough about me, lets talk about the day my life changed. i already knew i had a heart condition called restrictive cardiomyopathy but, nothing had ever happened. i wasn't on the transplant list yet due to depression. The say it happened i felt fine when i woke up that morning but in all honesty, i don't remember leaving my first hour class! the day started normal, me and my friends talked about memes while we ate breakfast, than i went to my B day first hour class, sowing. i cant remember what we where making, i think it was pants? not sure because after that...its like a missing piece of a puzzle, gone. so i'm going off of accounts from others whom saw me. My next hour was on the second floor, i'm guessing my heart had already been pumping less blood that day, i wasn't getting enough oxygen to my brain, so my lips where blue and slowly turning purple, one of my friend...lets call her A, A had saw me walking down the hall, i hate people touching me but, i looked like terminator, straight face, no emotion and i was bumping into people nonstop. she was confused but waved to me and i ignored her. she thought i was pissed so she left it alone. now this part is from my friend Kat, Kat watched me walk into the room and she was confused, i looked deathly ill and looked like i was a corpse, she told me to sit down but i didn't acknowledge her and bam...it happened after i set my bag down, i fell to the floor, my body convulsing in ways it shouldn't, foam seeping out of my mouth, she sprung into action putting my head in her lap as I had a seizure. the teacher walked into the class and freaked out, pressing the red emergency button Kat said i stopped, my eyes closed, i wasn't breathing. she looked for a pulse but couldn't find one. As the nurse rushed in, she was ushered out, the nurse and officer at our school started CPR, i don't know how long i was gone but....i have no brain damage, so i.m OK. the officer had a body camera and caught the whole thing, when i watched it i was...shocked. it reminded me of something, i have a small memory of hearing the machine in the background and seeing a bright light. seeing it hurt me and i didnt want to go to it because i was afraid. i could hear officer myers voice and the machine telling them what to do. i dont remmeber anything after that. I was rushed to the hospital where my mom wasn't picking up her phone because she was at work, when she did my aunt explained that i went in a ambulance, my mom was in no real rush, its happened before where i have had panic attacks, not full on cardiac arrest, so she finished up and drove there, this time was different, a nurse was waiting for my mom she got there, 'weird' is how she explained it, she was escorted back and they had lost me again, my mom had to watch as a whole bunch of doctors tried to revive her little girl, shocking her chest, she says she can still hear my groans of pure pain... after that they stabilized me but i was out for a bit....now its two years later and i'm still waiting to get on the list, we've had some issues on the way but in six weeks i should be on it! I hope that never happens again, it was a scary experience for everyone involved, but that day i met my Angels, Thank you Officer Myers....without you i wouldn't be alive to tell this story.


Isabella McMahill


if you wanna hear more about my journey let me know! id love to share more crazy stories about being a transplant patient!


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Kaylee @Showtime Kaylee
Oh my gosh, that sounds dreadful! Did you ever felt pain while you were unconscious? What color was the light?