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i was kidnapped by them

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i was kidnapped by them

Chapter 1

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here i am at the park listening to my favorite song while riding on my red skateboard. don't worry im not Goth, or you know boy ish, but i do like to skateboard and hang out with my friends. " Snap! i jumped off my skate board and looked around. hello i say a little freaked out, because this is just like the movies, when someone is about to die. i took a deep breath, and walked through the big green trees. hello i say again. no answer of course. i was beginning to freak out. whoever you are this is not funny. i say. i grabbed my phone and was about to dial the number but my phone was thrown to the floor, and a rough hand was covering my mouth. i would do that if our you a man with s British accent said. " Ah! let me go! i screamed and kicked, but he wouldn't budge. " STOP MOVING BABE! he yelled. i bit his finger, and ran far away from here. i must of fell because i found my self on the floor. i looked down, and i had a cut on my knee, it was bleeding bad. " Man look what you did to your self, we could of just did it the easy way but i guess you want the hard way" he said. gosh it hurt so bad. i began to cry, because i was a baby. " Awe don't cry, come here" he said hugging me. i pushed him, away, and tried to get up, but fell right back down. he laughed and picked me up. he took off his shirt, and put it on my leg, to stop the blood.. he tied it, and carried me to a white truck. " NO! i yelled. " babe i jut helped you, so get in the car" he said. i just looked down in silence. he smiled and layed me down on the seat softly. i looked up, and there were 4 very attractive boys staring at me. " oh we got a pretty one" the one with the blonde hair said. the curly hair boy smirked, and turned back to the road. i layed back down, and let a tear fall down my cheek. i just got kidnapped! " dude she's sleep" a man with a British accent said. my eyes were closed but i wasn't sleep. " ill take her in side." i heard. someone picked me up, while i be tend i was sleeping. i heard a door open, and he put me on something really soft. " just let her sleep, we will explain everything to her in the morning." i heard. i heard the all walk away, while i just layed there in silence. once i didn't here anything, i jumped up, and realized that i was on a white couch. his house was amazing he must be rich as fuck. i rushed to the door, but it was locked of course. ok how do they do this in the movies. i smiled and grabbed my bobby pen out my hair. ok this has to work. i was about to do it, but i was pulled back. " AH! " what the hell do you think you are doing" He said. i never got his name, i wonder when im going to get it. i just looked down. he sighed, and grabbed my arm. " i knew you were just be tending. i rolled my eyes. " what the hell do you even want from me, you kidnap me, but why? i asked walking towards him. he wasn't wearing a shirt, and it was impossible not to stare at him. i coughed, and looked away. he laughed. " come on, your sleeping with me" he said. i scoffed " no thanks" i said walking away. he grabbed my arm, and pulled me back. " you don't have a choice" he wiersperd to my ear. i sighed, and followed him upstairs. he layed in the bed, and i layed down far way from him as possible. i closed my eyes, and drifted to sleep.

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