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2 mins.

Just a little story.


Just a little story.

Chapter 1

by Image Alyssa Kennedy 2 mins.

It was a hot, hot, day and it was time for me to leave, to get educated and never return home. I spend the last hours with my mom, considering I wont see her e.v.e.r again. I must look my best today, so mom prepares a bucket of water for me and as she helps me wash my self I think what is the point of this? why must I go? finally I find a ounce of courage and ask... ''Mommy why do I have to go? I'll be good, I swear'' Mother didn't say anything but it looked like she was about to burst out in tears, but instead she kept it in and dryed me with a towl that had just been washed. After I was dryed, hanging on the door was a small white dress as mother helps me put on the dress, I felt sad I was so sad I wanted to cry but if I did that than I know mother would cry too, so I held my chin up and brushed all my worries off my shoulders. It's almost time to leave after mom gets my braid finished it will be time to wait for... ''them'' Mother usually is fast with braids but I can tell shes taking her time, I look around the room and I see a large hole in the floor, old mouldy wood, and then I look at the door... a man staring coldly at me and my mother. Suddenly he stops staring at me and then looks at my mother nodding in a way saying it's time, time to leave. Mother finished my braid and told me ''Be good, listen to what ''they'' say, I love you." Mother kissed my cheek and walked me too the car, with the man that had been waiting there watching time tick by, I wave to my mother goodbye. And step into the car, as I take a seat I can smell cigar but I wont let the stench bother me because all I know is, this will be the last time I will ever see my mother so I turn and face her, to see the tears roll down her face. ''Mom! dont worry about me, I'll be okay. Promise me you wont cry, can you do that for me?'' Before mother could anwser the engine to the car started, and the car was moving I heard a chuckle from the man sitting in the front, he looked back and said ''All you kids are the same, I bet you dont even know what im saying? you... stupid kid''. I sat back in my seat trying not to be loud, because of the sobs coming from me would grab the attention of "them''. :( so instead of holding my breath, trying to be silent, I just go to sleep.


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Louise @louiseallen
I liked it but I was a little confusing at the start
Alyssa @alyssakennedy0ad4

I'm guessing you didn't get the hint... that's ok! The beginning is about the little girl that is See more