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Karma- I saw that!


Karma- I saw that!

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Its a TRUE Story Son!!

So I was in grade 9 when hormones started kicking in and I started to develop "feelings" for people. I can't call it love but I guess I can call it desperation.I suddenly found guys "cute" and "hot". Bella thinks its just a "phase" and she being an old school elder sister started giving me lessons on why dating is bad and I would end up in "hell".

The thing was, that I wasn't pretty and so my far flung fantasies did not match with the reality. After all I was dealing with 14 year olds . I used to fall in love with almost anyone and would cry my heart out if they had a girlfriend(and most of them did).There was this one guy in particular, his name is Raylan Hoffmister. My High school crush who politely rejected me (which is completely fine of course). I took back my feeling and moved on too quickly, only to find James , the guy with the chocolate brown eyes and the sexiest beard. James and I were not compatible but we were too ambitious.

Karma-- I saw that!!

Fast forward 5 years. I am in 2nd year Med School and happily single. James and I broke up after an year of our relationship. Reason being - " I want some space Del !! I don't want you ". That breakup was quite disturbing but I decided to get my shit together and commit to studies. I missed James but dissecting humans is fun. Looks like I was never meant to be with any of those guys in high school.

*Ping Ping*

I check my phone ,


+91 987 6543 21 -- Hey Delilah! It's Raylan from school. Got this number from Bella. Not trying to be creepy but you've got pretty. Wanna catch up sometime? Dinner maybe? Text me when you're free. :)

I laugh and I move on.

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@Ivory Blue

This one is a light , fun story straight from the heart.


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Wow, that was good. :)
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Thanks a lot:)