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kidnapped chp

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kidnapped chp

Danielle's POV

As i'm walking to school i spotted a white van parked by an old tree. me being stupid walked up to the car and looked through the window. there was a man probably in his 20s laying down. his dark brown hair covered his eyes as he lightly snored. i decided to leave him be so i walked away but stepped on a stick. "fuck" i whispered. i slowly turned around and gasped. the man was staring at me smirking. " well aren't you cute." the man slurs. " Um thanks" i say tucking a strand of my brown hair behind my ear. the man opens the door and quickly gets out. "uh.. i should get goin- " so soon." the man says cutting me off. he walked up to me and rubbed my cheeks. i panicked and kicked the man on his crouch. " Fuck" he groaned. I quickly ran through the trees which was incredibly stupid because i ended up falling straight down a hill. " ow!" I cried holding onto my knee. stupid rock. " why'd you have to hit me there man" the man says walking towards me. i try to punch the man but he grabs my arm and lifts me off the ground. " your coming with me." i scream and punch his back but he wouldn't let go. " Hel- he covers my mouth before opening his truck. He throws me in the truck and slams the door shut. the man runs to the front and starts the car. " Get me out!" I scream but he just ignores me turning up the music.

come on think Danielle. As he was driving i jumped out of my seat and grabbed his hair. " stop the car!" I yell but he only laughs. " well aren't you brave" i pull his hair back making him groan in pain. " now!" he stops the car and before i knew it, he grabbed my arm with his hands and pushed me back in my seat. " don't make me do it" he sighs. I lift my hand up and slap him across the face. what did i just do. shiiit. he opens his door and rushes to my side.

" I warned you" he says grabbing a bottle from his pocket. " No mmm" he covers my mouth and everything went black.


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welp this is the 1st chp and i really hope you like it. if you would like to continue reading my books, add me on wattpad. Kinda_wierd. thanks peeps.


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