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Life isn't always what it seems


Life isn't always what it seems

I'm not gonna start saying that even when life gets tough you should keep going and look at life positively. That's what everyone says, but their wrong. Life is just like a puzzle. You gotta fit the pieces to make a picture. And instead of making a picture you have to make your life. This is what life actually does to a person.

When Sarah was born she was adopted at birth. When she found out what the word adopted meant. She was devasted, no matter how nice my adopted parents were. She wondered why would anyone want to give her up? How could someone be so cruel to give up a child. Her childhood however was great. She travelled all around the world as a kid and still does. She has a brother who can be a stubborn asshole but is still fun and loving. She has two parents who want the best for her, but nag and bother her a lot. But she still loved them (not all the time though).

If you want to know more about Sarah and what life really is and what it can do to you please rate for more. I warn you before you get to deep this is not the most happy story.

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A @ajade
Great story. One tip, less to no swearing would be encouraged by me.
lionel @lionelwalfish
As a reader of your story, I'm enticed! I want to read and know more!!!
Erica @ericamartin
Its about not wanting to give up it bring inspiration