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Chapter 1

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"Sir, The scouts have come back from their patrols" A soldier calls out from outside of the command tent, Rex let out a sigh as he thought about how annoying it was that the console took him out of war up north, just to start another one. "Sir?" The soldier called again, Rex slammed his hand into the table. "YES, I heard you. Tell them to rest for some time and then come to me when they feel is just." The soldier lets out a small whimper as he forces his words out, "Yessss... Sir!" Rex could hear him as he scampered off in his armor, and glance back at the table that had a map laid across it. He rubbed his eyes as he notices that him slamming his hand on it cause a lot of his wooden marker to fall off onto the ground.

He let out a scream of frustration, as he stomps out of his tent. His tent was station above the main army camp, it made for a beautiful view of the sunset every night, but more importantly, he could see straight into the governor room, as he commands his town guard alongside his Captain. This was only supposed to be a few days to take the town and set up defenses, then head back north. But sadly they people of Lock Town were more loyal and dedicated then he hoped. When they had first gotten here, it was an ordinary peasant that close the gate on his army.

Rex let out a growl as he shouted out at a guard behind him "Spyglass!" he could hear both soldiers Russell through their belts to grab their spyglasses when a familiar voice let out a loud sigh. "Ah... Relax boys, I got Mr. Grumpy here." Rex glance over his shoulder to see Hope, at first glance any man would make a mistake in trying to sweet talk her. But Rex knew from experience that only a fool would become of that so-called man, she was a mercenary plain and simple. Hope tossed a spyglass as he reached an arm behind him and caught it with needing to look back.

"Pretty good for an old man." She said as she walks up to him then let out a yawn and let the wind take her off her feet. "Old? I'm barely twenty-five sleepy head." he lifted the spyglass up to his eye and turn his focus to the building windows, leaving Hope to talk to herself. He scans through the open windows of the manner, he watches as the servants ran back and forth from the kitchen and governor room, or whatever room he was in at the moment. He watches as each servant went to a different place, the governor knew a thing or two about tactics that were certain. Every once a while a group of the militia would walk past the windows, they look like scouts. But they seemed to always disappear before Rex could find out where they were going.

"Son of a cunt." He mumbled to himself as he throws the spyglass down next to Hope. Rex let out a sigh as he gathered his thoughts, once he had calm down he notice that Hope wasn't talking anymore and couldn't help but look towards her. She was barely seventeen and had seen as much war as he had, maybe even more. Rex couldn't help but let his eyes wander from her face, she seemed to notice as she opened her eyes and stared at Rex while cocking an eyebrow. He broke eye contact and turn towards the town again, "Why not just take the city, you have a ram, and you outnumber them." He let out a sigh as he continues to mumble to himself, after a couple of minutes of staring at the clouds he answered her question.

"Because..." He pauses as he notices three riders starting up the hill towards him, at first Rex thought they might be reinforcements, but after a quick glance around camp, he could tell there were no new troops. "If we just force our way in, they will be able to organize and put up a good fight. But if we kill the governor or better, the captain of the guards we could take the town with fewer deaths on both sides." Hope sat up while looking up at Rex and cock an eyebrow, "Both sides?" He looks down at her and followed her example and cock an eyebrow, something about how she said made him take interested in the comment.

"Well, well. The legendary leader Rex, only twenty-five and be held so highly by the king." Rex turn around to see the three riders starting to dismount, he quickly recognized one of their faces. Lord Thomas, known for taking a city with an only hand full of men, at least noble standards of hand full. But most people know him because of his smooth face, charming eyes and his smooth blond hair, then finish it up with a smooth, yet firm jawline that every girl is in love with."How are the citizens of Lock Town Sir Rex?" Thomas lifted his hand, as he dismounted asking his companions to let him have some time with Rex. He let out a sigh as he turns back to the city.

He hated how people now treated him like a stuck up noble ever since the war. "They’re trapped behind their walls." Thomas walks next to him and grabs his shoulder firmly "Just like rats, good thinking." The comment sent chills down his spine as he knew that Thomas would rather him just slaughter everyone inside weapon or not, Man or child. Thomas noticed the worried expression on Rex's face and made a sweet smile. "Everything is going to be ok," he said as he released his hand and turn back to one of his companions "Sir Martin, it seems our friend is a little worried about the battle to come. I'm leaving you here with five knights, help him as much as you can." Martin slammed his fist on his armor as his face narrowed as Thomas padded him on his shoulder as he passed, and mounted his horse. "Good lad, well Lord Richard we must be off. We'll have to leave the fighting to Sir Rex and Sir Martin this time." Richard merely nodded in agreement the turn his horse to stand next to Thomas. As they started back down, Rex lost total interest and turn his attention to the future now. "Martin come. Join us." Rex said as he walks back to Hope, who was now looking through her spyglass hoping to see something Rex didn't, she seemed to had a change of attitude since their last conversation.

Martin glances down at the camp as the two horse ride off back around a hill, then five more horse speed towards them. He quickly joins Rex's and Hopes conversation, "Look, if we locate the room there meeting in we can hit it with a couple of trebuchet shots and then we can take the gates." Sir Martin and Hope seemed to be taken off guards by his plan. They both look around the whole area, Martin even glances down towards the camp, even knowing that he would not miss such a big and key weapon. "Don't look towards it. But we're hiding it in the tree line behind my tent." Hope eyes widen as she realized that, Rex seemed to be two, no three steps ahead of everyone. He didn't need the extra knights, he could do it with a mere hundred.

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