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Love, Loss, and Sensible Nobility

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Love, Loss, and Sensible Nobility

Chapter 1

Note: This is my very first book. It's just basically about relationships and understanding love and what to look out for. This is just the prologue. More to come. Hope you like it!


Things don’t always show up the way you want them to, but love will never disappoint you. Especially if it’s with the right one. Now I know some may say that I’m too young to understand love. And that may be the case. But I’ve seen and heard enough to understand that it’s not something you should play around with.

God is love. Does anyone understand God? No. But don't we experience His love every day? Of course we do. So if you truly adore God, and you understand His love for you, then you know plenty. And God can help you understand love. Clearly enough that you can see the love going on around you.

You can see the love in someone’s eyes. You can see the love of nature as it blooms flowers to make us happy. You can see the love of one to another. If you just open your eyes, and allow God to open your heart, then you can see love where you never thought it would be.

Sometimes, when we look at someone, we mentally see the love in their eyes. We also feel the love that other people give us. It’s just kind of an instinct we all have. Psychologically, we are able to “feel” something in our heart.

It’s weird how our hearts work. Your heart contains neurons, similar to those in your brain, and your heart and brain are closely connected, creating a symbiotic emotional whole. So your brain basically tells your heart to feel happiness or love. You brain is in charge of everything in your body. So that feeling you get when you’re standing in front of your crush or loved one? It’s your brain telling your heart to send you an emotion. It’s like when you love someone without realizing it sometimes. Your brain is telling you how you feel.

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Abigail Johnson


This is just the beginning. This here is the prologue to my first book. I know I'm a younger writer, but it takes inspiration and determination to write a book. I hope you like what I have so far. If you like it, great. Want more? I will get the first chapter to you soon enough. Thanks! ♥


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