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Lovey Dovey

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Lovey Dovey

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Dear Diary,

I had this crazy dream last night. Where should I start? Oh, it all started when I realized that my best friend liked my ex. I don’t mind it at all. I am happy for her. Plus her boyfriend doesn’t treat her with any respect. So I approve.

Me, Andrew, and Renee were best friends in middle school. We were unstoppable. Until the day Josh broke Renee’s heart. She was flooded in tears and full of emotions. It was their 5 month anniversary and she noticed he was different towards her. She asked multiple questions but he refused to answer any.

I noticed too. He was being very um, I don’t know how ever else to put it but, flirty with other girls. He would wink at them. And he would let them play in his hair. They would giggle at his stupid jokes. And he would bring them gifts daily. Sometimes he would even hold their hands ‘till he saw Renee at his other classes. I found this very disrespectful, so I told Renee.

Not long after, I find Andrew comforting Renee. “Its okay. He’s dumb and a cheater anyways. You deserve so much more.” She sobbed and sobbed, trying not to scream as her heart was shattering. I walk over and comfort my best friend too. “It’s ok, I know it hurts, don’t worry.” While Renee was crying, I then noticed Andrew looked happy. I was going to ask why, but I remained silent.

I was fed up with all of this, so I lifted Renee off of the ground, put my arm around her, and we were going to find him. “No, I can’t go see him. It hurts to much.” I nodded and gave her back to Andrew. I walk down the hall and find Josh with another girl again. I grab him by the shirt, and then drag him to the janitor’s closet. Once I let go and lock the door, I see him roll his eyes. “Excuse me! How dare you roll them ugly eyes at me? Do you know how wrong you are for breaking her heart the way you did? You have no right to cheat on such a beautiful girl with a beast that you found from the woods!” His eyes were as big as the moon.

I tilted my head to the side with a little smirk on my face. I had gotten a great idea. I turn my head around, lift my hand, and SLAP him. You should’ve seen his face. It was priceless! “Why did you do that?” he asked. “Well, why did you break her heart?” I waited for an answer, but got nothing. “My point proven.”I walked out more confident than ever.

I run back over to the both of them and said I solved the problem. “Renee, come on let’s go to my house and watch a movie.” As we leave, Andrew calls me over. “Renee, you keep walking, I will catch up with you in a minute,” I call. I nod my head over to him.

“So I have to confess,” he looks up to me, then back at the ground. “I have wanted to tell you this for a while now, but I didn’t have the courage.” I started to hint something. “I like her. A lot. And it has been that way ever since people started to ship us.” I knew exactly what he was talking about. Of course he liked her. I already figured that out months ago. “Oh big surprise, buddy. Pull out your phone.” He pulls it out and hands it to me. I turn it on and show him the lock screen. “Look. Your lock screen is literally Renee.” He starts to blush. “So you already know?” I then shoot him lovey dovey look. “Hurry up I have to catch up with Renee. Oh and you can come too, but your sitting in the middle.”

The movie starts and I wink at Andrew. He was sitting next to Renee with his arm around her. All of a sudden Andrew asks Renee if they can talk real quick in the kitchen. As he walks with Renee in the kitchen, I yell out loud, “Go get ‘em tiger!” He shoots me a look that tells me I need to shut my mouth. I silently laugh under my breath.

“So I need to tell you something.” Renee looks confused. “Yeah?” Andrew starts to blush again. “I like you Renee, and I hope you do too.” She smiles and blushes. “Well hello new boyfriend, do you mind escorting me to the couch?” Andrew chuckles. “ Of course I wouldn’t, new girlfriend.” They both walk back to couch holding hands. I give Andrew a lovey dovey look again. “Well look at the two love birds! Welcome to the couch.”

In conclusion, my dream was quite a love story. It was also very weird but cool. Sometimes I wish things would actually happen like my dreams do.

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Hope you like this story me and my best friend worked on this all day.


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omg I helped with this! :)