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Magic and Mysteries(A Scooby Doo FanFiction)

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Magic and Mysteries(A Scooby Doo FanFiction)

Chapter 1

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Disclaimer: Scooby Doo and all related characters and trademarks are copyright 2016 Hanna-Barbera Productions/Warner Brothers Animation/Cartoon Network/Boomerang, and any other companies or entities that have ever had anything to do with the production of Scooby Doo over the years.

I do not own Scooby Doo and the gang(obviously), and I am not making any money from writing this story or any fan fiction story I write.


It was a fairly typical morning in the lives of four Massachusetts teenagers in the town of Crystal Cove.

Well, fairly typical in the fact that these four high school students and their Great Dane had been solving a mystery involving a haunted mansion on the outskirts of town several days ago. Now these teenagers were resting before heading over to Crystal Cove High School for another day of English, Math, Science... or in other words: the typical day of a high school student in the United States.

The four teens and their Great Dane were a group of mystery solvers known as Mystery Incorporated, and together they spent weekends, school holidays, and on occasion time after school unraveling the secrets behind paranormal and supernatural mysteries.

The four members of this group that went to high school were a blond haired, muscular athletic boy named Fred Jones, a red haired, wealthy and beautiful girl named Daphne Blake; there was also a brainy, brunette girl named Velma Dinkley and a chicken hearted, but kind boy named Norville Rogers... or Shaggy to his friends.

The Great Dane of the group was named Scoobert or Scooby Doo, and served as the team's mascot(unofficially of course), in addition to sniffing out clues during the group's mysteries. However, this canine was a bit of a chicken as well; despite his cowardice though, he was always able to help out his friends when called on.

This intriguing group of teenagers is about to get something of a rude awakening however, as they are about to discover something unexpected about each one of them. But once they find out this secret, their lives may never be the same again.

© Adam, 2019. All rights reserved.

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I wrote some fan fiction stories with this concept and posted them on another site, but I wanted to try the concept in a shorter form and posting them here. Hopefully everybody likes this story(it may end up being a series, I'm not 100 percent sure yet).


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