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Moon-san secret! Shhhhhhhhhhh.......................

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Moon-san secret! Shhhhhhhhhhh.......................

by Default avatar Aura Millena 3 mins.

Sekia High seems to be just a normal Middle and High School but there is a person Moon-San who gives her advice to a student in Sekia High about love life till personal life problems.Moon san is kind but if you come to know about her identity you will be invited to a special group which gives you the option whether keep quiet or gets your life ruined by Moon-san. As she knows all your secret.

High School division Sekia High Arata Daisuke being continuously getting cheated by his girlfriend can't think what to do what not to?Being in a desperate stated surprisingly he gets texted by an unknown but known no.The number which we haven't saved but have been saved due to default somehow messaged him.Yup if guessed it was Moon san obviously it was her.She texted him "Shut up your heart and see this whole and really prove that she is cheating you see?"He was shocked how she get hold of his number and this problem and so much more.The reply that he got was I am the lifesaver of Sekia High, need help text me.So this is how the Moon san mystery started?Spread like a fire the "The mysterious Moon san".Those who came to know about her real self either kept quiet or have their life ruined by getting their darkest secret revealed.So they don't really Moon san real identity.Its already been 3 years the mysterious beauty spread.

Takayuki Sadao a very handsome playboy.He had purple eyes and black hair have enough pheromone to become an idol.Being a womanizer he doesn't want to become an idol.He is in High School Divison of Sekia High, he is in class 1-1.He has almost dated every girl he see carefully.Now he is after the cold, heartless, hater of 'Moon-san, beautiful, topper,
First year.The one and only "Yuriko Miyuki".She had Blue eyes and blonde hair.She is in the same class as him and sits next to him but she has never ever given him a little attention and ignored him like a shit to annoy him.

As usual Takayuki Sadao was following Yuriko Miyuki to get her attention.She was carrying a pile of notebooks to the staff room to give it to their homeroom teacher.He came wagging his tail 'Hey hey Yuriko San, I can help you to carry those in the staff room'.She ignored him while he was saying this.He said that annoying thing many times so she decided to give him an answer.Yuriko Miyuki said to him "You Filthy creature just you are more handsome than others you think you can get everything.HANDS OFF! ".That was the first time that Takayuki Sadao got insulted and more by a woman.He was furious and started to hate Miyuki to the core.Why won't he?He is a big womanizer and not able to get attention and getting insulted, man that was not under his capability but the end of the day something interesting was about to take place.As the school was dispersing Yuriko Miyuki left smirking at Takayuki Sadao, leaving him in disgust.

Sadao went back his home.This room was like any other teenage boy.He had a bed in middle but attached to the wall.The bed was in color of black and bedspread too.Near the bed, he had a drawer on top of the drawer it had photo frame and headphones. In front of the bed was the wardrobe and to the right side of his bed was the gate to the veranda.He changed to a cozy outfit.While he sat on his bed his phone buzzed.A message came.

(while on the other side)

As Miyuki smirked to make him get annoyed.As she reached her home, she was welcomed by the maids and the butlers at her home.She was annoyed, she reached the stairs and climbed up to her room.Her room was pitch black, she switched on her light.Her room was magnificent there was big bed with a canopy in white color, she had hot pink color sofa near her bed with Center table near it, on the right of the bed it had study table and chair with the laptop on it.A maid put the dress for her and brought her some food.She wore the dress it was skater dress with black color in it.She told her maids to disperse.She sat with her phone but the one which she doesn't carry in school.She sat on the bed.She said to herself I am not Yuriko Miyuki but Moon San may my heart be connected with the person that I am gonna text.Moon san switched on her phone and texted Takayuki Sadao.

The phone of Sadao buzzed with the message of Moon san saying that 'Why don't you stop being a playboy?"

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