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I was a junior in high school, my ex was a senior, it was “senior skip day,” and heard my ex talking about skipping school that day, a couple days prior.

I got to school and found a friend of mine, and she asked me if I wanted to skip school with her that day, I said sure.

We drop off our book bags in a ditch at an enterance to the hospital. (Our school was right across from the hospital.)

I had some weed on me that day, so before we took off to our skipping destination, I grabbed the weed out of my book bag and stuff it in my bra.

We walk to the park nearby, after dropping off our bags and me grabbing my weed.

We made a makeshift pipe to smoke out of.

It was an empty can, squished in the middle to make a dent, I poked some holes in the dented area and made a carburetor on the side, inhaling from the part, which the drink would normally come from if there was liquid inside the can.

We got high, and she started talking to this guy. No problem, the more people to talk to, the better.

We find a bench, and all three of us sit down and start talking.

After a while the conversation died out, and we sat and watched people in boats and watched the morning sun glimmer off the water's surface.

Well, I guess my friend and the guy we met at the park hours earlier “got bored” and started hooking up. (Making out and caressing each other ect.)

I'm still watching the people in boats and the sun glimmer off the water's surface.

I feel my friend get up, and get on the guy’s lap… the make out session and caressing, continued.

Next, I heard a zipper being pulled down and felt his shirt hit the back of the bench were we were sitting.

All of a sudden, I feel the bench beneath me where we were sitting, start rocking slightly and creaking. (I look out my perifial vision, as to not be noticed by my friend and the guy to make sure that I was positive what I was witnessing was in fact, happening)

I then heard him, “whispering” to her to, “get on your knees and suck my cock.” “Now, get back on my lap, face me, and pull your shorts and panties to the side, so we can fuck.” (she obliged, to no surprise) I don't know what that guy or my friend was thinking, like, I am right next to you, and can hear every word you guys are “whispering” to one another.

Yup, they were fucking on the bench, in a public park during the day, right next to me.

Fun fact; when I used to get high, my hearing was even better than when I was sober.

No idea how they didn't get caught fucking, in a public park during the day, especially with all the park monitors making their rounds every so often.

Talk about awkward, for me at least… my friend and I were skipping together to hang out at the park, not for her to find someone to have a “one day stand” and “a quick fuck with.”

I definitely felt like a third wheel that day. Yes, I was with my ex at the time, but I couldn't help but feel that way especially when it happend right next to me and when we were there to skip school together, and she just wanted a quick fuck.

I guess you could say, that she was definitely a hoe. (I had known her since we were in 5th grade, and heard plenty more stories about her.)

Plus, my husband had dated her, years before him and I got together, and he told me more stories I'd never heard about her and her promiscuous ways… But, considering the above story is based on what I witnessed her doing that day, and knowing her for many years, and her “ways,” I wouldn't put it past her to know that the other things my husband told me about her were completely true.

My friend doesn't know, that I know (and saw) that she fucked a complete stranger that day we skipped school together. And, if I brought it to her attention she would have denied it.

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