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Morning Breeze


Morning Breeze

Chapter 1

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CHAPTER 1: The Dawn

I snuggled comfortably under the blanket. I slowly open my eyes and looked around. Everything seems blur. I checked my alarm clock at my bedside table. It is 5:50 in the morning. I looked at the window to see from the crack of my window curtains the dark blue and yellow sky. The sun is coming up. I tried to get up but it seems that something heavy is on top of my waist. I looked down to see a lean muscular arm was definitely there. My eyes widen as I traced to the owner of the arm.


There he was… Sasuke was lying half naked right beside me, sleeping peacefully. I smiled as I gazed down. He looks so innocent when sleeping. His lean, muscular body seems to be irresistible, that is due to his never ending training under sensei Kakashi. But how in the world did Sasuke end up sleeping beside me? I frown slightly as I try to recall what happen last night.

Last night…

I gently lift Sasuke's arm over my waist and slowly put it down just so not to awake him. I got up, wrap my blanket around my naked body and walked towards the window. I slowly pull the curtains and squint as the warm rays of the sun slowly emerging from the horizon. I opened the window and a cool, morning breeze gently hit my face. The breeze sends a shiver to my skin and down to my spine. I gazed toward the horizon and try to recall what really happened last night. I lean sideways against the window and close my eyes.

Ah… Yes… I remember now…

I open my eyes and looked at the beautiful morning sun. It wasn't a dream at all. It did really happened right in this room.

My room

The cool breeze seems to enveloped my entire body, making me realized that it is not a dream or a deep fantasy. I am truly, madly and deeply in love with Sasuke ever since we were young. He was my first crush back then. But slowly, I grow to love him even more. Later, he too, was falling in love with me. Soon enough, we became a couple. We are both drawn to each other, how we long for love and affection. How we both understand each other, which is why we slowly created a bond between us. I sighed. I close my eyes again and recall the event that happened last night. The night, which I will never forget for the rest of my life. I still feel the cool, gentle breeze passing through my body, entering my room as I recall.

(to be continued…)

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ANOTHER THROWBACK! Since I'm still on a whimp, I thought maybe I should post my old fics. Enjoy reading!


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