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Mother's Haunting

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Mother's Haunting

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As Eyva stood in her cabin, all frozen, waiting for her brothers to come, she loaded her mind with pictures of death and avail, and her mother's mutilated face. She did not know why, or how to stop it. Her heart ached, for she does not want to remember the day. The day her mother turned to her, just so Eyva saw a blank stare with no eyes, nose or mouth. Her mind was never the same, and since that, she was numb. And felt nothing, even when her brothers started to abuse her with words, or even with brute force. She was a mindless soul now.

Eyva started to hear voices. Raspy and hollow, the voice kept saying her name. Eyva felt something she never did before, FEAR. She ignored it, but the voice did not stop. Covering her ears, the voice was gone.

She then went to the window, looking for her brothers. She didn't like to be alone, even though they weren't the nicest to her. She liked being in company of humans, it allowed her to be numb, as she made herself to be. But you cannot escape solitude.

As she looked through the thick snow outside of her cottage, she heard a child say her name. She was stunned, her back clenched. A tear on her eyelid, did not fall for she did not move. She did not dare.

As a minute passed, she turned, and regret befell her. A crocked smile in the dark, grinned at her. She swallowed the air, and let out a scream. The grin disappeared, and she could not scream, like her voice was taken.

She looked at the abyss of the corner, in which a dark silhouette resided. It was tall, and its head crocked, you could not see it's eyes, or anything else, except the wide open mouth, with teeth like knives coming out like a storm.

Eyva could not move, scream or close her eyes. The thing said again, like a child "Eyva".

She did not dare to answer, for she heard of demons, that seek your respond, And if you do respond, you are in their command.

The silhouette started shaking, trembling. A weird and uneasy feeling came over Eyva. The creature vanished and so did Eyva's emotions, all but one. And that is fear. She started sobbing, you could not know if she was screaming or crying.

The door slammed,it was her brother.

"What are you doing!?" he yelled.

He yanked her on his shoulder, and went towards her room. When Eyva cried on his back, she saw it, IT. The little child, pail, curly black hair, and one orange eye. She then just descended into deep sleep.

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